14 beautiful countries where you can live better than at home

We found 14 magical places around the world where, it turns out, it's much cheaper and easier to live than we ever imagined. It's time to pack your suitcase!


Cambodia is a great place to visit if you have a tight budget. But you can also live there on a more permanent basis on a relatively low wage. For just $5 local fishermen will cook you a delicious meal which they caught the same day; most seafood here costs around $1-2.


The south east coast of Vietnam is famous for its 11,000 hectares of tropical forest. It's also one of the best spots in Asia for diving - Vietnam boasts a huge and beautiful barrier reef. Moreover, it's comparatively free from tourists, which has helped make finding a place to live relatively easy - you can pay just $150-200 a month.


Laos is famous for its beautiful mountains, Buddhist temples and monasteries, and its floating river cafes and bars. You can live well here on just $9-20 a day. Dinner will cost you $1-5 and renting a bike around $10.


Although it's very popular with tourists and thus comparatively much more expensive than other countries in Asia, prices in Thailand are still low compared to many countries in the northern hemisphere. You can rent an apartment here for $160-320 a month, grab a bite to eat for $1-3, and rent a moped for $63-80 a month. You can live in the countryside - side by side with the luscious jungles - for around $4 a day.


This densely populated country famous for its architecture, religious practices and natural features is another great place to live on a low budget. You can rent an apartment here for two for around $100-110 a month. A plate of delicious spicy food will cost around 60 cents, and a multi-course meal around $1-2.


The mysterious country of Nepal is known as a centre of spirituality in Asia. It's also a heaven for those with limited cash. You can eat well here on just $1 a day. A one-room apartment in Kathmandu will cost you around $1-2 a day, whereas a trip on the local transport network is just 20 cents.


China is a country of huge contrasts, with its picturesque villages and huge, overcrowded cities. It's an incredibly beautiful and diverse place. Despite the fact it's huge, it's relatively inexpensive to travel around China; it will cost you just $1 to get a taxi somewhere. You can very well indeed for little more than $2.


In many respects, Bulgaria is a lot more expensive than many of the other countries mentioned in this list. But compared to other places in Europe, you can experience the same level of comfort and enjoy incredible landscapes and cities on a much smaller budget. Some parts of Bulgaria look like France, but here a drink will only cost you 80 cents, and renting an apartment is just $200 a month.


Nicaragua is a really great option for anyone who wants to see a fascinating part of the world but is short of funds. From food to rent, everything here is quite cheap - and that doesn't mean the quality of anything is lower either. A monthly budget of around $995 is enough to get you a large apartment and pay the bills, feed you and a partner, and still have enough left over for entertainment.


This colourful country with its rich cultural inheritance offers one of the best value-for-money experiences out there. Renting an apartment costs around $200 a month, and your food budget will be around $24-40 a week.


Honduras is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world at the moment. And it's not hard to see why - it's cheap, beautiful, cheerful, romantic and has great food to offer. You can fly in with just a backpack and buy everything you need to live comfortably on a relatively low budget. Incredibly tasty local cuisine will cost you only $3 per meal.


Prices in Peru differ from region to region, but in general it's still cheaper than plenty of other countries - and you get the benefit of a fascinating cultural experience, vibrant cities and beautiful landscapes.


Right in the middle of Mexico, you can find the cultural hub of Guanajuato. It's possible to rent a stunning apartment here for around $150-200 a month; a drink will cost less than a dollar, and a ticket to the cinema just $3.


Few people know it, but the southern tip of Albania is a brilliant place to lead a quiet life. The region is home to the city of Butrint and a nearby national park. The local cuisine is wonderful, whilst the climate is as pleasant as anywhere in the Mediterranean. But unlike anywhere else in that region, Albania is a very cheap place to live: a drink will cost you just 90 cents; a great fish-based meal around $6, and an apartment around $100-120 a month.

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