14 of the best relaxing movies to help you calm down after a rough day

Sometimes, don’t you just want to chill and watch a good movie when you finally get home after a long day of working?

For when you feel like that, Bright Side has created a list of movies that will distract you from worries and lift your spirits!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Rebecca Bloomwod is obsessed with shopping and has a chronic “need” to replenish her wardrobe. She is torn between constant lack of money and no less constant temptation to buy something new. The weirdest part is that Rebecca is a journalist working for a financial magazine and giving her readers advice on consumer caution.

The Intern

For 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker, retirement is a new lease on life. After successfully passing an interview, Ben becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site founded by Jules Ostin.

Love, Rosie

Rosy and Alex are lifelong friends who decided to go to college together. Destiny has different plans and separates them, but still, years later nothing can prevent Alex and Rosie from thinking of each other, and the feeling that connects them since their youth remains strong.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Journalist Andie Anderson gets an unusual assignment: she has to write a story about tricks women use to get rid of men they don’t want to be with. Andie needs to find a guy, make him fall in love with her and then “lose him” in just 10 days. By force of circumstances, Andie meets Benjamin, who has cut a similar deal with his boss: he needs to make a woman fall in love with him in just 10 days.

National Treasure

Modern treasure-seekers led by Benjamin Franklin Gates want to unravel the mystery of a chest hidden by the founding fathers of the United States. But they are not the only ones looking for this national treasure – there are others who are just hoping to make a fast buck by finding and selling it.

Yours, Mine & Ours

A widowed Coast Guard Admiral meets the woman of his dreams whose husband has just passed away. They fall in love and decide to get married. But there is one tricky part about this story – he has eight children and she has 10! And while the kids are fighting each other for all reasons possible, their parents are undergoing a challenging test of true love.

View from the Top

Local girl Donna leaves her hometown to become a flight attendant and work in first-class international airlines. Together with her friend Christine, she attends a special course for airline hostesses, where she demonstrates excellent professional skills. However, Donna fails the final test and has to work for a domestic airline in Cleveland.

Deck the Halls

The story begins with Buddy Hall’s daughter showing him what their house looks like from outer space. Buddy gets frustrated because the mansion of his neighbor, Steve Finch, looks much better, so he decides to decorate his house as brightly as possible, almost blinding his hateful neighbor and all the townsfolk. But Mr. Finch pays him back in his own coin.

Big is beautiful (Mince alors!)

To please her husband who is more into thin women, Nina goes to an Alpine health-resort,  Brides-les-Bains, to undergo a special slimming treatment.  At the resort she meets Sophie and Émilie, and this encounter generates a wave of unforgettable events.

The Pacifier

This is a story about ex-marine Shane Wolfe who protects the family of a scientist who works for the government. Five kids have to be protected not only from felons but from themselves as well.  It goes without saying that Shane has to always be on guard for his own safety: those mischievous kids are using every chance to get at him!

From Paris with Love

James Reece has a perfect life: he is an assistant to the U.S. Ambassador in Paris, who helps the CIA now and then, he has a beautiful girlfriend, and he always wears trendy suits. But what he really wants is the adventurous life of a secret agent who saves the world on a daily basis. One day he is assigned to a duty that truly is a bag of tricks.

The Italian Job

John Bridger, the leader of a team that has pulled off many successful heists, decides to go out of business. Only one task is left for the team to fulfill — they need to steal golden bars from a heavily guarded safe.  They do it without a hitch, but a betrayal of one of the team members casts a pall over their merriment.

Ocean's Thirteen

This is the third story about the criminal capades of Danny Ocean and his crew of talented mischief-makers.  When an owner of a casino double-crosses one of Ocean’s friends, Danny’s team gets back together to see if they can snatch a large sum of money one more time.

Monte Carlo

Grace, Meg and Emma are finally in Paris! They’ve dreamed to see it for so long, but the voyage is not as jolly as they wanted it to be. However, as soon as one of the friends is mistaken for a spoiled British heiress, the real adventure commences.

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