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15 fantastic movies about the importance of family values

Family and relatives play the most important role in our lives. There are plenty of movies out there which help us ponder this important issue. Here's a selection of them, prepared by Bright Side just for you.

Sweet November

This movie is full of deep meaning and unreal beauty. In a formal suit, workaholic Nelson Moss runs through his life at a gallop and can’t picture anything else. But lively, eccentric Sara Deever, a temptress and a philosopher, sees it pretty differently.


This film is not about what you think. Carnage is a comedy, and its action takes place in a confined space. The parents of fighting boys decide to sort out who is right and who is wrong. The plot and its many twists grabs viewers until the very end of the movie. The film shows a different side of family life, the stereotypes of contemporary society and exposes the hypocrisy of adults.

Hope Springs

This is a very touching movie that makes you believe in love. The film’s central characters have been married for more than 30 years, and it seems they have everything they could wish for: wonderful children and grandchildren, a house and a relaxing life. They have everything, except for feelings towards each other. To restore passion in their relationship, the couple consults Dr. Feld, who works on the family's problems.

The Godfather

In addition to gang wars, the movie is full of long and beautiful monologues about classical family values, home and duty. This family knows how to make an offer one can't refuse, and they know what honor is and how elders must be respected.

True Lies

This film is both a gripping action movie and a family melodrama that tells a story about real things. Harry is a loving husband. His wife Helen considers her spouse a boring computer man. But she has no idea that, in fact, he is a special agent. Harry would have continued living a double life if a sinister terrorist hadn’t kidnapped him alongside his unsuspecting wife.

Big Fish

A son tries to recreate the elusive life of his father through his stories. Big Fish is an excellent example of how to tell a touching story about family values, love, life and death without excessive pathos and melodrama.


Connie Sumner has a quiet, tranquil and cozy married life. But one encounter has changed everything: the woman finds herself in a passion trap and is forced to choose between her family and a skillful lover. Does the marriage full of deceit, fear, and guilt have a future?

The Descendants

In heavenly Hawaii, a native, rich lawyer, Matt King, learns his wife, who is in a coma, has cheated on him. Alongside two whimsical daughters, he decides to find the scoundrel, truly believing that this will help him save the family.

The Vow

Paige and Leo got into a car accident during their honeymoon. While his wife is in coma, Leo spends every minute at her bedside. But the girl’s return back to life is darkened with amnesia: she doesn’t recognize her beloved and doesn’t remember their romance. Now Leo has to win Paige’s heart again.

Gone with the Wind

This movie is a classic. Actors Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable tell this civil war love story marvellously. The fate of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler makes a viewer think not only about the fragility of human life, but also about family happiness.

Shall We Dance

The central character of the film has a normal life, a loyal wife and an adorable daughter. Everything is good in his life, but something is still missing. Every evening when he returns from work on the train, he sees a beautiful woman in the window of one of the buildings on his way. And one day he decides to get off at her station…


This stunning movie tells how a husband tries to “tame” his imperious, arrogant and intractable wife who has temporarily lost her memory. You won't be bored with the exciting plot, jokes and funny moments.

Indecent Proposal

A man is offered $1 million dollars for one night with his wife. One night, and all financial issues will be solved right away and impossible dreams will become a reality. Would you accept this offer?

Autumn in New York

This film is a heartfelt love story of 48-year-old Will Keane and 22-year-old Charlotte. Their age difference doesn't matter to them because they are happy. But there is one snag: Charlotte is terminally ill and has only one year to live — or maybe even less.

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