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15 films that are definitely worth your time

15 films that are definitely worth your time


Despite the fact that each of these films lasts a good couple of hours, they are easily watched in one breath due to the magnificent actors' play and incredible directors' vision.

And if you haven't seen some of them, we recommend you do so ASAP. BRIGHT SIDE is convinced: you won't regret it.

The Green Mile

An acclaimed cult film, based on a book by Stephen King, tells us a story about an unusual death-row inmate, John Coffey. Instantly grabbing the public's attention, as well as simultaneously winning countless awards - 4 Oscar nomination and 3 Saturn prizes being just some of them. This is definitely one of those rare movies which are adored by both the audience and the critics alike. However, its most important achievement is that it makes you believe in miracles, which is something that can be neither ignored nor forgotten.


It's one of these epic movies, where everything is grand and barbaric: the city views and gory battles amidst which Russell Crowe is burning with revenge. According to the plot, a simple and straightforward general Maximus is caught in the thick of court intrigues. By sheer luck he narrowly escapes death, just to realise that a hardly better fate awaits him, for he is to become a gladiator. And ever since then, his only recourse was his dreams, where he could still freely run throught the wheat fields, without having to fear for his life.

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

None of the existing westerns, created either before or after this one, can as much as come close to "il buono, il brutto, il cattivo". An incomparable masterpiece created by the outstanding efforts of director Sergio Leone, composer Ennio Morricone - all intensified by the gun-slinging Clint Eastwood. Every phrase is a gem and every scene a jewel in the crown of classic cinematography. A true masterpiece.

The Lord of the Rings

"Lord of the Rings" is a truly monumental work of modern cinematography. Peter Jackson's movies will definitely make you want to join the ranks of Tolkienists, even if you've never as much as opened the books. Splendid actors' play, detailed costumes and magical music by Howard Shore will spirit you away to the middle earth in no time.

Schindler's List

The story of Oskar Schindler, a successful businessman and a member of the Nazi party who saved over a thousand Jews during the Second World War. This film is a tribute to such a heroic deed. An extraordinary motion picture, which shakes you to the core with its realism and intensity. 


We were wondering whether it is possible to create an ideal film, a movie that will successfully marry a vivid footage and a meaningful yet fascinating plot. Apparently such film does exist. James Cameron hadn't merely filmed "Avatar", he had given birth to a whole new world with its unique exuberant flora and fauna, beckoning you to explore in depth every corner of this captivating place. Simply put, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Matrix

This movie is a definite must. A one-of-a-kind, turn-of-the-centure fantasy motion picture, which became a cult film and a classic from the moment it hit the big screen - to put it short, its fanbase just keeps on growing even today. It gave rise to a plethora of new ideas whilst keeping the old ones afloat. A remarkable masterpiece, each scene an imprint on your heart and memory.

Shichinin no samurai

Filmed in the best traditions of black-and-white movie, "Shichinin no samurai" or "Seven Samurai" most authentically conveys the atmosphere of medieval Japan. You won't get to see any Hollywood bling, instead you will find yourself in the midst of gripping events, unravelling in Japan of the time. Fearless, yet humane samurai, a delicate love story and striking fight scenes. The film also fully addresses social and psychological themes, leaving quite an aftertaste by the time the credits roll.

Once Upon a Time in America

This movie could have reached the audiences couple of decades earlier than it did, if it weren't for the producers. There is, however, a bright side to the story - during the long 20 years of nurturing the idea, Sergio Leone had had the time to mull over all the possible details and imperfections, the long-awaited outcome being an absolutely ideal, polished to perfection motion picture, devoid of any flaws.

Apocalypse Now

One of the very few films on the topic of war, where there is no heroism or pathos. A film, which shows a war as it is - with all its cruelty, senselessness and horror. A war where human life isn't worth anything. As a result, Francis Ford Coppola's work joined the ranks of the all-time classics, thus passing the test of time. Moreover, with its sharp dialogues and gripping scenes, this movie will continue to linger in the memory of anyone who watched it.

War and Peace

Sergey Bondarchuk's interpretation of "War and Peace" was the first Russian film ever to receive an Oscar in the "best foreign films" nominations. That being said, the movie is overflowing with the number of top-tier actors, waltzing and fighting across the scenes of this magnificent quadrilogy. This film took six years to make, involving thousands of people in the shooting of the crowd scenes as well as real military legions, dressed in the uniforms of the Napoleonic era, for the enhanced effect.

Meet Joe Black

Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt already makes the perfect recipe for a great film. However this film doesn't just paint a pretty picture for the audience to marvel at - it is worth much more than that - it skillfully intertwines good and evil, virtue and dishonor, fear and courage, love and death. A standing ovation guaranteed.

Pearl Harbor

A yet another great film from the director Michael Bay. Breathtaking air battles, convincing actors' play and superb soundtracks all contribute to making this, in all respects, a gripping film to watch. Pearl Harbour is undoubtedly another must, you can take our word for it.

Cloud Atlas

"Cloud Atlas" shows that the boundaries are only in our minds, whereas the possibilities are truly limitless. Throughout centuries people make the same mindless mistakes, leading to more and more faulty judgements, failures and losses. When faced with a choice between freedom and captivity, we must remember that by changing one thing we inevitably change the other. Everything is interlinked.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

By creating this film director David Fincher gave Fitzgerald's brilliant idea a second life, making it even more vivid that its original counterpart. If you have read the book, you will notice that the movie is a skeleton key, able to open the doors to cellars which even Fitzgerald himself hadn't dared to explore.