17 Unbelievably Cute Animals That Will Take Over the World

It’s not everyday that we here at Bright Side manage to put together a collection of photos like this. If there was ever a competition for the world’s cutest animal, these charming little furry things you see below would all definitely take first place. We’re convinced that these guys will melt your heart and make you smile even on the gloomiest and coldest of days!

''I know you're hiding the cookies somewhere!''

''Morning already? Give me five more minutes, just five more...''

''Have you smiled today?''


''Everything's going to be fine - I've got you.''

''I bet my tongue is longer than yours!''

''Can you take me with you, wherever you're going?''

This gecko can’t stop smiling when he’s around his toy gecko.

''...Wanna piece?''

''My doctor said I should eat more vegetables.''

Cutest. Babies. Ever.

''Just gimme one more drink! I can handle myself!''

"Will you pet me? No? Then go away, I’m not talking to you."

''Daddy, what are they staring at?'' ''They're just jealous of our mustaches, son.''

A palmful of cuteness.

''Hug me! Hug me right now!''

''Just take it easy.''

Preview photo credit 589_tomo / instagram
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