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18 Weird Yet Incredibly Brilliant Inventions You Never Knew You Needed


Different kinds of gadgets and new devices come into our everyday lives and make things more convenient wherever we are — in the kitchen, office, bedroom or the driver’s seat.

Bright Side put together a list of these incredibly brilliant inventions for you, and we just want to say thanks to their creators.

A handy gizmo for cutting melons

A climbing wall for a swimming pool

A portable toaster

An electric egg boiler

A crib and rocking chair

Two in one: a glass for beer and shots

Mobile phone holder

Magnetic clothes hanger

Portable aquarium

Nozzle for a soup pot

Umbrella for your pet

Kissenger — a gadget that allows you to send a real kiss to your long-distance lover

USB portable humidifier

Scotch tape that is easy to tear

Joint salt and pepper shaker with a switch

Three-level grill for the oven

Tulip-shaped folding chairs

Folding bottle that fits in your pocket

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