20 Absolutely Superb Photos That Reveal Life in All Its Beauty

Sometimes, even the best photographers in the world need a bit of luck to capture breathtaking images.

Bright Side prepared a fresh selection of photos that perfectly capture those truly incredible moments of life which occur all around the world every day, no Photoshop required.

A spider wove a web on a leaf

A million dollar view

First flight

Fearless explorer

Are you a half-open or a half-closed kind of sunflower?

Lightning strike, New York Bay

Investigation of the direction and intensity of the wind using dyes

A vole taking a nap in an iris flower.

Surf's up


Buddha statue casually holding a ... plane

Seagull snatches an ice-cream straight out of man's hand

A cloud that looks like a tsunami

Praying Mantis on a bike

Playing with cars

A metro station in Stockholm

Water-skiers set a new world record after 145 people were pulled behind a single boat in Strahan, Tasmania

Sheets of ice left in midair after winter floods receded beneath them

Kids on a crystal clear lake in Sabah, Malaysia

A breathtaking view from Lion's Head, a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

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