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20 astounding movies with an unpredictable climax

Unexpected plot twists and an unpredictable climax are elements you really want to see in any movie. It's even better if the climax is constantly on your mind, making you wonder time and time again – how was it possible for a movie to end this way?

Bright Side is ready to share with you a list of movies with truly surprising endings.


A woman reports her son missing. Police soon find a boy and returns him back to his mother, but she insists that even though the boy fits the description, he is not her son!

A Perfect Murder

Businessman Steven Taylor discovers that his wife Emily has a lover named David, who is also a struggling artist.  After making inquiries, Steven finds out that David is a marriage fraudster. A betrayed husband sets out a seemingly perfect plan: he asks the painter to kill Emily.

Tell No One

(Ne le dis à personne)

This is a mysterious story about Alexandre Beck’s wife Margot, who was brutally murdered. A murderer was found, but he denied his guilt. Eight years later the police reopen the case because two more bodies were discovered in the same area. One of the corpses had a key from Margot’s safety-deposit box on him. At the same time, Alexandre gets an email from his dead wife.


Martin Harris awakens from a coma only to discover that someone has taken on his identity. Even his wife doesn’t believe his story. Martin asks a young woman to help him figure out who he is and help him understand which people from his entourage lied to him and why they did it.


Two 6-year-old girls went missing in a little town.  No one heard or saw anything, as is usually the case. Time goes by, but the investigation is fruitless. It pushes Keller Dover, who is the father of one of the girls, to take matters into his own hands. The only thing he knows is that his daughter and her friend were last seen around a dilapidated RV. Its driver was arrested, but a lack of evidence forced his release.

Dream House

Will Atenton’s family moves to a quiet town, but it appears to be not that quiet, and their new house has its own frightful story. It's not a story about ghosts and poltergeists, but it's a story with а twisted plot and an awesome climax.


Young therapist Claire helps six plane crash survivors overcome the shock they have experienced. But during the therapy sessions, she finds out that all the survivors have a different view on why the catastrophe happened. Soon, her clients begin to disappear.

Taking Lives

FBI agent Illeana Scott has a stiff task: she needs to trace a criminal who kills people and then lives using their identities.


Kyle Pratt’s 6-year-old daughter Julia disappears during a flight. Crew and passengers try to reason with Kyle saying that it’s impossible for a child to disappear from a plane that is a couple thousand meters above the ground. Moreover, it turns out that there was no ticket registered under Julia Pratt’s name.


Sophie is convinced that her husband’s coworker is trying to take away her husband, her children and even her life. She grows increasingly paranoid and more certain day by day.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This movie is based on a true story that happened during World War II. An 8-year-old son of a commandant at a concentration camp gets acquainted with one of the prisoners, a Jewish boy. The children communicate through the camp fence. It’s impossible to predict what this friendship can lead to.

88 Minutes

Jack Gramm works as a college professor of psychology and a forensic psychiatrist.  One day he helps find a serial killer who is then condemned to death. Shortly before the execution, Jack receives a phone call telling him that he has only 88 minutes left to live.

Perfect Stranger

A friend of Rowena Price dies, and she starts her own journalistic investigation into the case. Rowena doesn’t believe that the police are unable to solve it. Soon she finds out that Harrison Hill – the head of a renowned advertising agency and a very influential person – might be involved in the murder.

Mystic River

Jimmy, Dave and Sean are childhood friends.  They meet again in the face of tragedy: the murder of Jimmy’s daughter, Katie.

Remember Me

Tyler is a rebellious student. One night he was arrested for participating in a fight, but got released on bail. Tyler’s friend Aidan finds out that Ally, a daughter of the policeman who is taking care of Tyler’s case, studies at the same university as them. Aidan suggests that Tyler start a romantic relationship with Ally so that she could convince her father to dismiss his case. Usually stories of this type are predictable, but this one is not.


After Kate’s tragic miscarriage, Kate and her husband chose to adopt 9-year-old Esther. She is well-educated and artistic, and she plays the piano beautifully … but for some reason the girl has no friends. Later, we will all find out why.

Match Point

This is the story of a tennis instructor, Chris Wilton, who wants to keep a foot in two worlds; he can't choose whether to marry Chloe and get an excellent position and a chance to enter high society, or to be with American actress, Nola. Soon, his love for Nola grows into an obsession that Chris is not able to control anymore.

The Hidden Face (La cara oculta)

Fabiana thinks that her new boyfriend is perfect, but the past of this wealthy orchestra conductor gives them no peace. The young woman soon discovers that police are looking into the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend's ex-fiancé, while Fabiana herself notices that weird things start to take place in the house.

Hide and Seek

After David’s wife commits suicide, he and his 9-year-old daughter Emily move upstate. Mysterious and terrifying events start to take place in their new house, and Emily says that her friend Charlie is to blame. But Charlie is not real – he is just an imaginary friend created by Emily.

The Lodger

This film has two converging plot lines. The first shows the complex relationship between a psychologically unstable landlady and her enigmatic lodger, while the second is about a detective who wants to catch an elusive criminal.

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