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The Top 21 Genius Design Innovations Ever Created


All day long, designers try to come up with things to make it easier and more convenient for us to live our lives comfortably. The most talented among them even manage to make our lives more beautiful. Such brilliant ideas sometimes come to their minds that we can feel only admiration and wonder.

Bright Side has, from time to time, shared with you various great discoveries and inventions from talented designers. You've offered your opinions on what we've found, and so we thought we'd give a summary of the ideas that impressed us lately.

The street lamps that begin to 'bloom' as soon as a person approaches

The inhabitants of Jerusalem now have the opportunity to enjoy giant, nine-meter-tall 'Warde' street lamps made in the shape of beautiful flowers. They begin to 'bloom' as soon as a person or a car approaches.

The toys based on kids' drawings which are now real

For several years, IKEA has run a special campaign: the company sells funny soft toys and donates part of the proceeds to charity. This time, the toys were designed based on children's drawings: the ideas of ten lucky kids have been implemented and sold all over the world. Part of the proceeds from each sold toy was donated for charity once again. This tiger and dinosaur were based on drawings by You-Che Wu (6 years old, Taiwan) and Thymeo (4 years old, Belgium).

The mermaid blanket

A jack of all trades, Melanie Campbell from Michigan came up with these cute knitted mermaid tails, which have turned out to be a cosy and playful way to wrap up and stay warm. A major media outlet wrote an article about the blankets, and as a result they instantly sold out. Now Melanie has a huge waiting list of those who still want to get one!

The garden which hangs on the wall

This ornaments are the work of floral designer Kim Fisher. This is seriously original decoration for your house - especially for those who live in a small apartment and don't have much space for plants.

The colouring paper you have to 'illuminate'

The guys at Lago studio have created a colouring-in exercises which give you the opportunity to 'illuminate' nighttime cityscapes. All you need to do is to take a sharp fountain pen and scratch away the white areas made of wax in the picture. The result will be a picture of truly stunning beauty which appears out of the dark. These colouring exercises are very popular with adults, because they help to relieve stress.

The washing machine with a special door to load more clothes

For all of us who’s ever loaded the laundry in the machine, turned it on, and then suddenly found that we forgot to put something in, some clever designers have finally came up with an ingenious solution. It’s a small additional door through which you can add more laundry to the wash during the washing cycle.

The ‘fallen tree’ bench

Designer Benjamin Graindorge depicts fallen trees in the form of sculpted benches. It's beautiful, environmentally friendly, and brings us closer to nature at the same time.

The solar cycle path

The first cycle path that absorbs solar energy has been installed in Krommenie, Netherlands. During its first year of use, more than 9800 kWh of energy was generated - that's enough to provide three households with electricity. SolaRoad developers hope that their success will be an example of one of the ways that cities can produce cheap, clean energy. The cyclists will definitely be happy, too!

Lego slippers

All parents know that there are three kinds of pain: 1) painful, 2) very painful and 3) when you stepped on some Lego. Well, 66 years of pain are finally over, because the Lego company finally came up with Lego slippers!

The mattress that lets you cuddle properly

The special slats in the Cuddle Mattress allow couples to cuddle without disturbing each other during sleep. Those of you who just like sleeping on your side will appreciate this, too!

The spherical bath tub

This gorgeous bath tub will confuse all of your senses — you won't be able to tell whether you're in the water, or if you're soaring through the air. This spectacular thing was invented by Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky.

The super compact stroller

GB Designers have invented a stroller that can be folded up and put away in a bag. Parents who regularly carry their strollers up and down stairs and get tired of stuffing them in the car trunk will really appreciate this. In addition, it's absolutely irreplaceable when travelling.

An amazing chandelier

This chandelier in the shape of a huge grape vine adorns the ceiling of the sampling room of a Californian vineyard. We hope one day to have the same design in our house!

A cosy bio-fireplace

A fireplace is the best thing you can install if you want to make your home super-cosy. But modern apartments often don't allow for such luxuries. So that's why the designers came up with bio-fireplaces, otherwise known as eco-fireplaces. They use environmentally friendly ethanol produced from wood chips as fuel.

Signal indicator for cyclists

The Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev came up with this idea. His Cyclee projector allows a cyclist to indicate clearly to other drivers what he is about to do — even when it's completely dark. The projector is attached behind the seat, and works automatically without any input from the cyclist.

The lamp made from an old tree stump

Each one of these 'Cracked' lamps is unique, simply because they're made from real tree stumps. Light-emitting diodes have been placed inside their cracks. These lamps also can be used as a seat or even as a little table.

Safe 'weapons' for a pillow fight

The world would probably be a much quieter place if we settled all our disputes with pillow fights. Designer Bryan Ku has clearly had the same thought. For those who love pillow fights, he has invented a selection of special soft weapons.

The Star Wars waffle maker

Come over to the dark side! Now the Sith not only have cookies but waffles as well. This waffle maker, which produces the delicious snack in the form of the Death Star, is created for true Star Wars fans.

The 'weightless' table

Designers from Duffy London have created a wonderful illusion of a table held up only by balloons. Recommended for all those who are always in a festive mood.

Flexible chocolate

This will be a real delight for all those with a sweet tooth. The Japanese company Bourbon has invented 'flexible' chocolate, which is sold in slices similar to cheese for sandwiches. A lot of interesting things can be made from this one, and you don't even need any culinary talents or to know any tricks.

The veggie toy set

A new toy every day! This original idea was worked out by le Fab Shop designers. With the parts of their Open Toys set, your child can make cars and airplanes from otherwise boring raw vegetables. It stimulates children's creativity and imagination, and may even help some of them to learn to love vegetables and fruit.

Banana slicer

You don't need a knife if you have this thing! Your kids can slice an entire banana safely and in one fun and quick motion.

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