20 brilliantly uplifting quotes from ’The Intouchables’

'The Intouchables,' a film based on a true story, attracted an army of fans immediately after its release. And it's no wonder: it's the story of a wealthy paralyzed aristocrat, Philippe, who hired a guy off the street to be his assistant. It masterfully mixes comedy with drama, reminding us that life is a miracle — no matter what.

Bright Side takes a look at the most notable quotes from this movie, filled to the brim with optimistic philosophy.

  • 'The pain sometimes goes away, but the thoughts are still here.'
  • 'It's not music if you can't dance to it.'
  • 'It doesn't matter who you are on the outside, the main thing is who you are on the inside.'
  • 'Tell me, Driss, why do you think people are interested in art?'
    'I don't know, it's a business?'
    'No. That's because it's the only thing one leaves behind.'
  • 'Be careful. You know guys from the suburbs have no mercy.
    'That's what I want. No mercy.'
  • 'You enjoy paintings?'
    'I do. I adore Raphael.'
    'I prefer other ninja turtles.'
  • 'I'm a frozen steak thrown in a burning pan: I don't feel anything, but it's still painful.'
  • 'I might be naive, but I still hope I have something more than my bank account.'
  • 'Don't wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated.' Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you'll run out of time.'
  • 'My true disability is not having to be in a wheel chair. It's having to be without her.'
  • 'Do you have references?'
    'References? I do.'
    'So? We're all ears.'
    'Kool and the Gang,' 'Earth, Wind and Fire.' Those are good references, aren't they?'
  • 'What about you? You know Chopin, Schubert, Berlioz?'
    'You're asking me if I know Berlioz? I'd be surprised if YOU knew anything about Berlioz.'
    'I'm a specialist, though.'
    'Oh really ... Who do you know there? Which building?'
    'What do you mean which building? Berlioz was a famous composer before your residency was called after him.'
  • 'What's this?'
    'Vivaldi, the Four Seasons.'
    'Isn't it Tom and Jerry?'
  • '116 lbs.'
    '116 lbs? That's really good. Unless she's three feet tall.'
  • 'He has a problem. A big one.'
    'Shush yourself.'
    'He's a tree ... A singing tree. In German?'
    'Stop shushing me! It's in German anyway. As if it wasn't enough. You're crazy. Oh man. How long does it last?'
    'Four hours.'
  • 'Take off the robe, it's like a nuthouse in here.'
  • 'It's intellectual. Emotional. It comes before the physical relationship for me.'
    'Intellectual alright, but what if she looks like a dog? You'd be having an intellectual relationship with a dog.'
  • 'So, Philippe. I'm not staying for lunch.'
    'I'm not leaving you alone. You just happen to have a date.'
    'A date? What do you mean?'
    'Don't freak out. It'll be fine. Only this time you can't flee.'
  • 'Don't give up. Never give up until the fight is over.'
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