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20 essential rules of life, as revealed by adorable raccoons

We at Bright Side have become convinced that raccoons are the new cats of the internet! After all, they never seemed to lack wisdom about the meaning and mysteries of life. Probably, it's this wisdom which makes them so charming, despite the fact that they have a tendency to steal and destroy things.

See for yourself! Here are 20 rules of life as revealed to us by raccoons

Well, young human, I've got lots of valuable advice to give to you...

1. Always remember: dress to impress.

2. Try to be cute. Then someone is bound to give you a cookie eventually.

3. And if they don't, ask them to explain why.

4. But keep in mind: every raccoon should be capable of doing what it takes to get a cookie.

5. Modesty is a virtue for us raccoons, you know.

6. Always make friends with the cats. They may share something yummy with you.

7. You can start by flirting with them.

8. Also, winter isn't a reason to give up cookie hunting.

9. But do try to diversify your diet. Cookies are great, but there are many more delicious things out there in the world!

10. But nevertheless, you need to be cautious in your hunt for food.

11. Conspiracy is something we excel at, you see.

12. Being careful never did anyone any harm.

13. But curiosity is no vice.

14. Daily exercise improves your stamina.

15. Working out is the key to good health.

16. Always be romantic and give little gifts.

17. Show hospitality. You might get rewarded with cookies!

18. Don't keep suppress your emotions. Especially if another raccoon gets hold of a cookie!

19. You should never be too shy to ask for help.

20. And remember above all else: no matter what happens, your family will always support you!

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