19 movies about the beauty of love in all its forms

Love is probably the most popular subject of all for films. The feeling comes in different forms; tender and sincere, all consuming and insane, mutual or unrequited. Love is a talent which is given to all of us in different degrees.

Brightside.me has compiled a list of films which show us different aspects of this wonderful emotion.

The Artist

This film has received a whole host of honors, including 5 Oscars. Even the dog appearing in it got its own award at the Cannes Film Festival. This black and white picture was filmed in retro style and has absolutely no words. That’s right; it’s a silent movie. In this film the story is told via feelings and emotions, so it’s best to give your brain the back seat and let your heart take over. That’s the only way to watch this naive and sincere film and really feel it.

Enough Said

This film is true to life and very authentic. It draws you in so you really believe the acting. The subject is the kindling of love between Eva and Albert. In an awkward situation, she turns out to be the masseur of her new boyfriend’s ex-wife. Out of pure curiosity, Eva cautiously begins to question her, teasing out the causes for the collapse of her marriage. She hopes to find out what was wrong with her sweetie, Albert. This is a romantic story about two likable adults, and not without a sense of humor.


Theodor, a lonely writer, buys a new piece of software; Samantha, an operating system designed to fulfil the user’s every desire. To Theodor’s surprise, he begins to have romantic feelings towards the system, which is voiced by Scarlet Johansson. Although the theme of artificial intelligence is science fiction, this compelling story is impressively realistic.


This is an unusual and surprising Indian film. It tells the story of an ageing clerk whose life hasn’t changed since the death of his wife. Every day he eats a packed lunch, delivered by a courier in a tiffin box, or ’dabba’. One day he notices some home cooked food in his dabba, delivered to him by mistake. This triggers a correspondence between the clerk and the woman who cooked the food, with each leaving notes in the tiffin box.

The Spectacular Now

What happens when a good girl begins a relationship with a bad boy? Only Sutter’s personal charm is helping him to cling to both his place at school and his job. He only thinks of today. Aimee is clever and hardworking. She has a clear understanding of who she is and what she wants. These two absolutely dissimilar people attract each other for different reasons and influence each other in different ways. This straightforward and direct film tells us that life can be a knotty puzzle.

Out of Sight

This is a dark, but also very romantic crime story. The robber Jack Foley (George Clooney), and U.S. Marshal, Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez) meet in the trunk of a car, where Jack is hiding after escaping from prison and taking Karen hostage. The main characters spark off against each other and squabble. The result is one of the most memorable couples in cinema history.


Meet Oliver Tate, a teenager older than his years, an impossible romantic and sentimental dreamer who no one takes seriously. Oliver’s main concerns are to save his parents’ collapsing marriage and meet the girl of his dreams. This is a glorious film with subtle humor, weirdly drawn characters and a deep look at human nature.

A Little Chaos

In this story we see France at the time of Louis XIV. Sabine De Barra is a talented woman who works as a garden designer. She is tasked with bringing the concept of idealized harmony to the Versailles Palace gardens. Sabine makes a new acquaintance and is forced to confront her own past as well as what awaits her in the future, all while keeping on good terms with the king.

Suite Française

This film tells the tale of romance between Lucile, a French villager, and Bruno, a German officer. As the first delicate shoots of love grow between the former musician and the young girl, we learn about universal values as well as the terrible effects of war. The realism of this work makes the story compelling. The acting is outstanding and the atmosphere of war time France is convincing.

Safe Haven

This adaption of Nicholas Sparks’ novel is vivid, beautiful, uplifting and warm. Fugitive Katie escapes her home town looking for a quiet, out of the way spot to lie low. She stops in a small seaside town where she finds work, rents a small house and makes new friends. She even allows herself to fall in love with Alex, a widower with two children, although at night, as the mosquitoes keep her awake, she reflects that she can never get away from her past; it will always be with her.

The Vow

It would seem that every possible film about memory loss has already been made, but this picture is quite unusual. Several years after their wedding, a married couple is involved in a traffic accident. The heroine is left with only fragments of memories, all dating from before she met her husband. He tries to rekindle the love she has lost. The movie is based on the true story of what happened to Kim and Krickitt Carpenter in 1993.

The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria is a historical film made with love, beautifully produced with gorgeous costumes. It’s hardly surprising that it has received so many rewards. This is the story of a time early in the queen’s reign. It portrays the blooming of love between Victoria and Albert, as well as the first years of the queen’s married life. Victoria is shown as the ideal of a great queen, as well as being a mother and loving wife.


Love isn’t just happiness. It’s also an incident, a trial and a matter of destiny. Carlos is a kid from a poor family. Nicole is a spoilt little rich girl. Both are 17, which seems to be the only thing they have in common. Who could have thought that some light flirting during a chance encounter could suddenly grow into feelings with consequences neither expected?

Going the Distance

In New York for the summer, San Francisco girl Erin meets Garret over beer at a bar. Over the course of the evening, and the following morning, Garret becomes bewitched by Erin’s fast talking and quirky combination of sharp wit and guileless sincerity. Passions are unleashed, growing into a tempest of feelings which keep the two captivated all summer. Then Erin sets off home for San Fransisco, and Garret stays in his job in New York. But those six weeks of summer madness seem to have acquired a special significance for both of them, even though they were just playing around. They begin to feel unsure that they really want everything to be over.

Silver Linings Playbook

This picture demonstrates the acting skills which deservedly earned Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar for the best female role. It tells the tale of former teacher Pat Solitano who has spent 8 months in psychiatric hospital, and now, having returned to his parents’ home, is trying to win back his estranged wife. Everything goes to plan until Pat meets Tiffany.


Georges and Anne have lived all their lives together, hand in hand, always looking after each other. Now they’re both over eighty. Anne falls sick and her life begins to gradually fade away; first her memory goes, then her body ceases to obey her and paralysis sets in. Georges tries to hire nurses, but quickly understands the bitter truth that he can’t expect them to treat his wife with unconditional warmth and sincere feelings. He decides to devote his life to caring for Anne. This film is about pure, resolute love, as well as the importance of supporting and helping each other.

The Lovers on the Bridge
Les amants du Pont-Neuf

This story is about those at the bottom of Parisian society. On leaving a homeless shelter where he had been treated after being run over by an unidentified driver, street performer Alex returns to the oldest bridge in Paris, where he plans to sleep rough. There he meets Michèle, a young artist, who, having lost her sight, has decided to leave her house and friends. At break-neck pace, a heady romance begins between Alex and Michèle. Their love helps them both heal.

Punch-Drunk Love

Barry Egan has been very unlucky. It takes some spirit to be the eighth child in a family where all the others are girls. He’s already well over thirty, but Barry still hasn’t really learnt how to relate to people, particularly to women. One day, he meets a strange girl who is fated to turn his whole life upside down. Don’t assume that this is a run of the mill romantic comedy; far from it. This film is rather strange, but in a good way.

Bright Star

This film is strikingly beautiful and absolutely harmonious. Each frame is a work of art! The picture tells us the story of English poet John Keats, who died of consumption at the age of 25. During the last three years of his life John realized that his health was failing. In this period he began romantic relations with Fanny Brawne.

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