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20 life-affirming photos to warm your heart during this cold winter

They say that a single photo is worth a thousand words. Some photos are truly capable of capturing your heart - some make you smile, some make you a bit sad, and some hurt you to the very core.

Bright Side collected these 20 pictures for you. They’re full of emotion, and they can give you warmth in the midst of the cold winter.

A ray of sunshine

Caught moving in time

Awaiting the first cookie

Hug pile

Dandelion rain

A mother's loving embrace

Best friends

Like father, like son

Ignoring barriers

A morning giggle

The warmth on our faces and in our hearts

Granny's care


Sweet dreams

A fluffy friend

The guardian

Grandpa's fairytales

A much-needed midday nap

A little surprise

It's always warmer when the mom's here

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