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20 perfect color combinations to brighten up your kitchen

20 perfect color combinations to brighten up your kitchen

The exciting task of creating a new interior usually starts with choosing the perfect color palette for your space. Indeed, a responsible, tasteful use of color is the key to a harmonious, stylish, and easy-on-the-eye home decor.

Bright Side would like to share this handy cheat sheet with you. It will help you choose the perfect color scheme while designing your kitchen. Bon appétit!

Orange and Grey

Yellow and Blue


Grey and Yellow

Turquoise and Orange

White and Yellow

Grey and Fuchsia

Blue and Pink

Beige and Brown

Yellow, Red, and Turquoise

Green and Beige

Red and Grey

Shades of Bright Green

Black and White

Grey and Brown Tones

Grey and Orange

Green, Dark Brown, and White

Pink and Grey

Dark Blue and Brown

Seafoam Blue and Red

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