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20 Truly Extraordinary Photos That Will Make You Do a Double Take


When you see an insane photo, you often think: how on Earth did they do that? These photos appear to defy all laws of physics. However, that's not the case. Understanding the basic laws of science allows you to do amazing things that are seemingly impossible.

We here at Bright Side have collected 20 photos that'll make you question everything you know to be true. Get ready - you won't believe your eyes! 

That's not right...

Try to pull one out without knocking it over.

Are you brave enough to come in?

Nailed it.

The man who could...ride...on water?

This mysterious head...

These stones know more about Zen than I do.

Inching his way home.

Casual walk through the woods. Wait, what...?

Mountain goats don't give a damn about gravity.

The car with Spiderman abilities.

Mind power.

The little mermaid? Is it really you?

Hold on, just have to pour myself a quick drink.

Physicist's glass.

Two different worlds.

Handy bottle holder. I would use it.

Weightless dog. I wish I had that problem!


Sunken bridge.

The Moses Bridge, Netherlands

The headless swimmer.

Preview photo credit izismile