21 simple but effective ways to make the most of a small kitchen

They say that for new ideas to be born, there must be restraints, whether they be in time, space, or resources, and a small kitchen is a great example of this. Bright Side has compiled a list of storage suggestions in hopes that you can see your tiny kitchen from a new perspective. 

1. Hangers, clips, and magnets are all that your utensils could wish for.

2. Additional shelves allow you to fit more dishes in your cupboards.

3. A clever use of corners will give you an advantage.

4. Keep what you rarely use in boxes.

5. Add an extra shelf over your cupboards to save even more space.

6. Hang pans for a tight, neat fit.

7. A vertical paper holder is good for storing aluminium foil, storage bags, or plastic wrap.

8. Insert a rod under your sink to hang your cleaners from.

9. A wall shelf will fit all your recipe books nicely.

10. Save space in the drawers and on the counter by attaching a dish drainer to the wall.

11. Cutting boards can be stored like this.

12. Use a bathroom rod to hang pots and pans anywhere you have additional space.

13. Knives and other metallic utensils can be stored on a magnetic strip.

14. Make a spice rack out of a magnetic strip.

15. It's best to keep all long-handled utensils in one place.

16. Who says paper holders can only hold papers?

17. Wall shelves will free space in the drawers.

18. Cute little shelves offer additional space on the counter top.

19. Meet the folding table - your best friend in a small space!

20. Transform the inside of each cabinet door to offer you more space.

21. You can hang anything like this - just watch your head!

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