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30 faultless sayings from our beloved mothers to get you through life

30 faultless sayings from our beloved mothers to get you through life

Regardless of where you live, the chances are you've heard these things from your mom. Of course, we all got really upset and complained whenever we heard these phrases and sayings as kids. Now, as adults, we understand that they're nothing but signs of love and affection. 

Bright Side hopes you'll read this and smile - think of all that wise advice your mom used to offer you, and remember to thank her for it!

  • I told you a hundred times not to rock on the chair.
  • A sandwich is not real food. 
  • You will find it where you left it. 
  • Fix your posture. 
  • I told you.
  • Go to sleep; otherwise you won't be able to get up tomorrow. 
  • I graduated from school 20 years ago, but I still remember my multiplication tables 
  • Did you say your head hurts? It's because of your computer.
  • You will understand me when you have kids. 
  • When I was your age, I didn't have this kind of problem.
  • Why do you need so much money?
  • Do whatever you want when you earn your own money. 
  • Who will take care of the dog? Who will take the dog out? You? Yes, of course.
  • I don't want to hear this from you ever again. 
  • You will have to work if you don't get into college. 
  • Can you sign me up on Facebook?
  • Why did you take off your hat? I saw you through the window. 
  • Why do I keep hearing bad things about you from other people?
  • You will thank me later.
  • You are studying for yourself, not for us.
  • You will be a janitor if you don't study well. 
  • I want many things, too.
  • You haven't even woken up yet and you're on the internet already.
  • Do you talk to your teachers like that as well? 
  • I don't care about other people, I care about you.
  • Take the trash out when you are leaving. 
  • I grew up without the internet somehow!
  • Can you find anything in this room?
  • Don't dig your nose. You fingers will get stuck, and you won't be able to pull them out. 
  • Eggs cannot teach the chicken. 
  • Bring the change back. 
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