Bright Side

30 of the most striking environmental campaign ads we’ve ever seen


We don't notice how people age when we see them day to day. They change a lot under a huge amount of stress. Nature is the same. It was not meant to get old for a long time, but we, however, are squeezing out its energy; we torture nature in order to get petty treasures. We forget that nature gave us life.

We here at Bright Side think that we all need to pay more attention to our planet. That's why we thought we'd show you a powerful compilation of environmental campaign ads. Let's not forget that by damaging nature, we are damaging ourselves.

'Help us fight the impact of cosmetic testing.'

'Unfortunately, the beach doesn't clean itself.'

'Plastic bags kill.'

'Nature looks homeless'

'Desertification kills 6000 species a year.'

'Every 60 seconds, a species dies.'

'How many animals have to pay for your cosmetics?'

'Stop the abuse.'

'Extinction can't be fixed.'

'Recycle the trash, not nature!'

'Before it's too late...'

'Give a hand to wildlife.'

'15 square kilometers of rainforest disappear every minute.'