9 "Overheard" Stories Proving That School Days Are the Best of Our Life

We all remember our school days differently. Some people mostly think of their teachers and favorite subjects, while others recall the antics of their classmates or their own adventures. But we all have stories to tell and memories to cherish.

Today Bright Side presents a collection of "overheard" tales that show exactly why those moments will stay in our hearts forever!

  • I was going through some things left over from my 12th grade days. All of a sudden, I came across an old green apple-scented lip balm. I opened it, sniffed at it...and the smell brought back vivid recollections of me finishing school (7 years ago) and of everything that happened back then: my first love, my first date on a heady spring afternoon, the scent of this lip balm on my lips! Overcome with emotions, I cried for an hour, just because of these memories. Then I put the tube back in the box. I won't ever throw it away!
  • When I was in 4th or 5th grade, my friends would often hang out at my place after school. We'd play together in a really wild sort of manner – it's a miracle the house stayed in one piece. But, one day, our luck nearly ran out. We somehow managed to tear one of the outer window ledges right off the wall. For some reason, we got hysterically scared of my parents' reprisals. So we quickly whittled out crude wooden girders, fitted them into the holes, and reattached the ledge with the help of some great big nails. My parents discovered this DIY secret a couple of months later. And they kept it in place for about a year longer, until my dad got tired of proudly showing his daughter's handiwork to the guests.
  • Over the years, I've received many kinds of birthday presents: designer clothes, expensive gadgets, flowers, toys, household items. But the best gift I've ever had was from my friends back in elementary school. They drew a short comic about the 3 of us, putting so much work, so much heart into the effort. I mean, what could be cooler than to find yourself the main character of a hand-drawn comic?! A lot of time has passed since, but no other present managed to beat that one. My former classmates and I remain friends to this day.
  • As many of you probably know, normal body temperature for cats is about 99.5-102.5ºF. When I was a schoolboy, I sometimes used this fact of nature to skip lessons...by pretending to be ill and putting the thermometer under the cat's armpit to simulate a high fever. Dear Fluffy, I'm still grateful to you for that!
  • While in elementary school, I was once voted the Queen of the Autumn Ball. According to tradition, I had to go onstage after all the speeches and performances, give a nice curtsy, and politely invite all the parents, teachers, and students to the banquet table. Naturally, when my moment arrived, I was overly nervous and completely forgot what was expected of me. So I just waved my hand and announced, "Let's pig out, people!"
  • Back in 12th grade, I landed the role of an angel in a school theatrical production. Among other things, my performance made me extremely popular with the opposite sex. And all because, the night before the show, my mom forgot to sew the underskirt to my white "angelic" dress. As a result, my red panties kept gladdening the eyes of my classmates throughout the 2-hour play!
  • I remember spending my first summer after starting school at my grandparents' farmhouse. Throughout my time there, I kept whining, saying that I wanted to stay with my grandma and granddad, as opposed to going back to school. Finally, my wise grandma said, "Well, you can stay for as long as you like, provided you help your grandfather tend the pigsty." At 6 o'clock the next morning, I went out to work with my granddad. My task was to count the piglets. At the pigsty, I immediately got scared of the sows. The piglets themselves also looked too large and aggressive for comfort. As for the smell – it was totally unbearable. To cut the story short, at the end of my very first "working day" (it ended in time for lunch), I declared that I'd had enough and would rather go to school.
  • My daughter Amy got head lice at summer camp, so she had to be shaved bald. At first, she kept crying and avoiding school. But soon she was happily attending lessons again. Turns out that the bossiest and rowdiest girl in Amy's class (the one I forbade her to hang out with) has shaved her own head in solidarity with my daughter. Naturally, no one dares to taunt Amy anymore. The 2 girls have become friends, going around hand in hand, giggling together, their bald scalps shining in the sun. I guess it's time to review my preconceptions!
  • I'm an elementary school teacher. Many of my former pupils are all grown up now. I often visit their social network pages (even when it comes to those who aren't on my friends list). I feel very happy whenever I notice "good" posts on their walls: stuff about friendship, love, family, life-affirming advice, thought-provoking quotations. It fills me with joy to see photos that show them accepting awards or visiting new places. After all, all those things speak of my former charges' views, achievements, and successes. And, every time, I feel a strong urge to click the "Like" button to express how happy and proud I feel for them. But I usually restrain myself. I'm too shy for that. Even at school, I try to keep my distance so as not to intrude. I don't want those boys and girls to feel monitored or controlled – teenagers are very sensitive to such matters. My only desire is to give them a good start in life. To help them become good people. And I'm really grateful to social networks for the chance to stay connected.
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