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A fascinating transformation: what dolls look like without their make-up on

Sonia Singh, an Australian artist, has always believed that children's dolls should look much less provocative and simply more like ordinary human beings. So, she created the Tree Change Dolls project: she buys old dolls and deliberately erases the aggressive make-up that's been painted on them. ''I paint their faces and make new shoes for them, and my mother sews and knits new clothes for them,'' the artist says. You'd be surprised at how much all this work helps to change the dolls beyond recognition, and helps make them so much more authentic!

We thought it would be interesting to compare the initial versions of some of these dolls with their new, 'natural look'. They're more appealing now, wouldn't you agree?

This is how the some of the dolls looked initially:

And this is how they look now:

The 'Bratz' family before they were 'remodelled':

...and after:

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