An exquisite bit of nostalgia: The stars of ALF, 30 years later

We bet you never realised that it has already been almost 30 years since the first episode of "ALF" was aired on TV. And after all this time, we still love this amusing alien, despite the fact that he's greedy, rude and always complains - because he has a pure mind, an honest soul and a kind heart.

Bright Side suggests you to take a walk down memory lane, and take a look at how our favourite characters from the show have changed after all these years.

Willie Tanner, played by Max Wright

Kate Tanner, played by Anne Schedeen

Lynn Tanner, played by Andrea Elson 

Brian Tanner, played by Benji Gregory

Raquel Ochmonek, played by Liz Sheridan

Trevor Ochmonek, played by John LaMotta

Jake Ochmonek, played by Josh Blake

And let's not forget ALF himself (Gordon Shumway)!

Paul Fusco, puppeteer and voice actor

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