Everything that scientists joked about in 2015

Everyone seems to think of scientists as a bunch of nerds, but this is really just a stereotype; they actually have a great sense of humor and like to make intricate and witty jokes.

Throughout the year, Bright Side collected some of the best scientific jokes. Take a look, and see if you can get through without letting out a little chuckle!








There are only 10 types of people. Those who understand the binary system, and those who don’t...

A tester goes to a bar.
A tester runs to the bar.
A tester crawls into the bar.
A tester dances into the bar.
A tester sneaks into the bar.
A tester breaks into the bar.
A tester jumps into the bar.

For all scientists

A physicist, a mathematician, and an engineer were asked to calculate volume of a red rubber ball.
The physicist immersed the ball into water. Then he calculated the volume of water that got pushed out by the ball.
The mathematician found the diameter and calculated its triple integral to find the volume.
The engineer opened a book titled ''Volumes of red rubber balls'' and found the answer.


A biologist, a physicist, and a mathematician are travelling in Australia. They see a black sheep grazing on a hill.
The biologist says: ''Look, there are black sheep in Australia''.
The physicist says: ''You are not correct, colleague. It would be better to say that there is at least one black sheep in Australia''.
The mathematician says: ''You are both incorrect, gentlemen. There is at least one sheep in Australia, at least one side of which is black''.

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