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Kids and their toys: A really fascinating photo project

Toy Stories is a fascinating photo project which shows that regardless of what country a child lives in, what culture their from, and how rich or poor they are, all they want to do is play. However, their preferences can differ depending on who they are and where they're from.

Interestingly, Gabriele notes that children from developed countries and privileged families are zealous guardians of their toys. Those kids didn’t want a photographer too close to their ''treasures'', least of all playing with them. While children from poor countries were eager to share their favourite toys, even if they only had one teddy bear.

But all the children that took part in this project do have something in common. Their favourite toys reflect the lifestyle of their families. The hobbies and professions of their parents, as well as the daily routine and duties of family members, directly affected their choice of their favourite toys.

Chiwa - Mchinji, Malawi


Pavel - Kiev, Ukraine


Stella - Montecchio, Italy


Puput - Bali, Indonesia


Alessia - Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy


Orly - Brownsville, Texas


Abel - Nopaltepec, Mexico


Keynor - Cahuita, Costa Rica


Arafa and Aisha - Bububu, Zanzibar


Bethsaida - Port au Prince, Haiti


Enea - Boulder, Colorado


Cun Zi Yi - Chongqing, China


Maudy - Kalulushi, Zambia


Elene - Tblisi, Georgia


Farida - Cairo, Egypt


Jaqueline - Manila, Philippines


Julia - Tirana, Albania


Naya - Managua, Nicaragua


Niko - Homer, Alaska


Virginia - American Fork, Utah


Watcharapom - Bangkok, Thailand


Botlhe - Maun, Botswana


Norden - Massa, Marocco


Shaira - Mumbai, India

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