Nine amazing houseplants that can live without water

Nine amazing houseplants that can live without water

Plants we take care of might not require as much from us as domestic animals, but they still need our love and attention. Even the best of us sometimes forget to water plants regularly, and the poor flowers start wilting.

For those of you whose memory is not your strongest quality, we at Bright Side have drawn up a list of domestic plants that will not take much of your time and forgive you if they slip out of your mind for a little while.


Aloe needs to be watered moderately and very carefully. You can water it once a week in summer, and in the winter, it only requires a monthly shower. Even in summer, if the ground is moist enough, don't add too much water to it! The soil should be as dry as stone before you water it.


Zanzibar Gem should be watered once a week. If the time to water has come, but the ground is still moist, wait another day before showering, because excess water results in wilting of the leaves, rotting of the roots, and death of the plant. During fall and winter, you should reduce watering your zamioculcas to once or twice per month.


During spring and summer, water it moderately and wait until the soil is almost dry before watering again. In winter, when it gets cold, do it even more seldom, as the ground should be dry before the next shower - the spurge is better off when it's dry than when it's too wet.


During the spring and summer months, water it once every four or five days with room temperature water. In winter, give it a shower once a week. Between the waterings, the soil should get a little dry on the surface.

Beaucarnea recurvata

Beaucarnea does not require much moisture, so it needs to be watered about every 20-30 days. Excess water may lead to the rotting of the plant.


This flower accumulates moisture in its leaves, which allows it easily to wait out short periods of drought. For example, it should be fine if you are away for a couple of days. In contrast, excess watering will harm kalanchoe, and that's why you should let the ground dry a bit before showering it again.


Podocarpus is a small evergreen coniferous tree that will easily grow in your house as a regular domestic plant. In summer it requires moderate watering and in winter it needs even less.

Sansevieria trifasciata

This little plant keeps water in its leaves, so that explains why excess watering leads to rotting while long periods of drought do not do any damage. The ground should be completely dry before its next shower.


If the summer is exceptionally hot, you should water it twice a week, but normally it should get a weekly showering. The main thing to pay attention to is the soil - it shouldn't be too dry, nor too moist. In winter, it requires even rarer watering, only once every two weeks.

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