Nine different ways to make a tasty sandwich without using bread

If you're trying to lose weight, sometimes it's a good idea to avoid eating too much bread. But this doesn't meant that you have to give up on eating your favourite sandwich — remember, this classic snack can be made from just about anything, and often from much healthier ingredients.

Here are nine of the best ideas for making a sandwich without using bread. You don't have to completely give up eating bread, of course, but if you even occasionally make some of these, it will do your body a whole lot of good.

Salmon on lettuce leaves

This marvellous alternative not only satisfies your body's need for Omega-3 acid, but also stops you feeling hungry for a long time.

The sandwich made with bell peppers

You can always replace a bread roll with slices of delicious bell pepper. If your aim is to make not only the tastiest, but also the most filling sandwich you can, then have a think about the variety of ingredients you can add. We recommend cheese, spinach and pieces of avocado. 

Dietary rolls made from sweet potato

The paleo diet is becoming more and more popular. The main idea behind involves eating only those things which our ancestors consumed thousands of years ago. One of these was sweet potato — and it makes for a great alternative to ordinary bread!

Grilled aubergines

In order to do this sandwich justice, try grilling the aubergine on both sides, with a filling made from your favourite ingredients. We recommend tomatoes, mushrooms, and lettuce leaves. 

Tapioca pancakes

Tapioca is a starchy, granular food which is rich in fibre and essential fatty acids, but at the same time doesn't contain gluten. You might have never tried them, but tapioca pancakes are delicious.

Flatbread made from plantain flour

Flatbread made from this kind of 'wild' flour invariably has a slightly spicy taste, as well as a soft greenish colour. You can use it in exactly the same way as you use ordinary bread — adding it to either meat, vegetables or rice.

A cucumber sandwich

This somewhat unusual variant of the sandwich not only gets rid of hunger, but also thirst. Simply slice a cucumber in two lengthways and remove the core. Fill it with your favourite ingredients...and get ready for the unusually 'juicy' taste!

A tomato hamburger

You make this in exactly the same way you would an ordinary sandwich. Choose your favourite filling and secure it with a toothpick. Enjoy that beautiful vegetable aroma.

The sandwich made from shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are considered a symbol of youth and longevity. And when you combine them in a sandwich with other vegetables and some herbs, it's like a real vitamin bomb! This is a great, healthy alternative to using bread, which not only helps your body but also lets you watch your figure.

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