10 Things to Create the Perfect Cozy Home That You Can Make Yourself

It's the little things which help to make our homes the cozy places we all love. But it's actually not as much effort to get all the details right as it may at first seem - you just need to use your imagination.

Creating a luxurious rug made of real stones

How to restore the original colouring of a cup or mug

How to make an ornamental lacy lampshade

Create a new and unusual rack for cutlery

Make a gorgeous cardboard frame for the mirror

The cable city

A really creative picture frame

A quick and easy way to make a really stylish flower pot

A charging hub inside a beautiful box

Stop cupboard doors and drawers banging and slamming

Easily fix a slamming door with DIY eraser pads and glue. Cut an eraser into thin slices, then glue them to the cupboard door frame. This will make a slamming door silent.

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