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Our favorite actors from ’Police Academy’, 32 years later


The legendary movie Police Academy was first released way back in 1984. It grabbed our hearts immediately and never let go. So many different characters, so many jokes and funny scenes - all this helped make the movie a huge success. More than a quarter-century has passed since then, but it still makes us laugh as much as it did the first time we saw it.

Here's what some of our favorite characters from our youth look like today.

Cadet Carey Mahoney, played by Steve Guttenberg

Age: 57 

Cadet Karen Thompson, played by Kim Cattrall

Age: 59 

Commandant Eric Lassard, played by George Gaynes

Age: 98

Journalist Claire Mattson, played by Sharon Stone

Age: 57 

Thaddeus Harris, played by George William 'G.W.' Bailey

Age: 71 

Cadet Laverne Hooks, played by Marion Ramsey

Age: 68

Ganster Zed, played by Bobcat Goldthwait

Age: 53 

Cadet Moses Hightower, played by Bubba Smith

Died in 2011 

Cadet Eugene Tackleberry, played by David Graf

Died in 2001

Cadet Leslie Barbara, played by Donovan Scott

Age: 69 

Sergeant Carl Proctor, played by Lance Kinsey

Age: 56 

Cadet Chad Copeland, played by Scott Thompson

Age: 58 

Cadet Kathleen Kirkland, played by Colleen Camp

Age: 62 

Sergeant Debbie Callahan, played by Leslie Easterbrook

Age: 66 

Cadet Sweetchuck, played by Tim Kazurinsky

Age: 65 

Cadet Larvell Jones, played by Michael Winslow

Age: 57 

Capitan Mauser, played by Art Metrano

Age: 79