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7 Ways to Cheat Your Brain and Body and Be Happy

Our brain can do really amazing things. A lot of its abilities remain a mystery, but nowadays scientists learn more and more secrets of its functioning and have even discovered ways to ’’cheat’’ our brain. These ways work so well that they can even be very useful in our everyday life.

Bright Side reveals some of these smart brain tricks. And don’t forget about our special bonus at the end of the article.

7. Music can boost your immune system.

Long ago, research showed that music reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. But the most surprising thing is that music can even cure. Our body is inextricably linked with the chemical reactions in the brain. For example, when we listen to our favorite music, the level of stress is reduced and, therefore, our body produces more antibodies to fight diseases.

6. You just need to smile to cheer up.

It’s an open secret that sometimes our facial expression influences our mood but not vice versa. If you go for a walk feeling absolutely happy, but because of the bright sun you have to squint and frown then you might feel down. It also works the other way around. If you are not in a good mood try to hold a pencil with your teeth; it will activate the muscles that are normally used when smiling, and this will cheat your brain.

5. You can reduce pain by using binoculars.

Scientists from Oxford University experimentally proved that the pain sense can be reduced if you look at the injured part of your body through inverted binoculars. The size of the injury becomes smaller and, therefore, your brain automatically reduces pain.

4. Gesticulation helps with memorization.

Psychologists from Manchester University claim that an active gesticulation helps to memorize and reproduce the information better. Quite often, the gesture relates to what the person is talking about at the moment. Of course, these similarities are quite relative but nevertheless, it definitely works.

3. Ears perceive sounds differently.

The myth about right and left cerebral hemispheres was debunked long ago. However, this theory explains how we interpret sounds. Our right ear is better at receiving sounds from speech, whereas our left ear is more sensitive to sounds of music and a voice tone. Therefore, turn your right side towards the speaker to hear the speech better, and turn the left side towards a sound source to hear the melody.

2. Memory palace.

This is another way to memorize information better. You need to create an image of any place in your head where you will store different things that are associated with something for you. The trick is that your brain doesn’t focus on the word but assigns it some bright image. This image will be much easier to recognize than any fact or numbers.

1. Ganzfeld effect.

The Ganzfeld effect, or ’’complete field’’ effect, was originally invented to research psychic abilities. In the Ganzfeld experiment, the person has halved ping-pong balls over his eyes, wears headphones, through which white noise is played, and also has a source of light shining on their face. Long periods in a homogeneous color and sound field make the brain start ignoring the noise and colors, and then it causes a total isolation. Scientists say that such conditions lead to the manifesting of a person’s psychic abilities.

Bonus: Trick your brain with an optical illusion

Some optical illusions can trick your eyes and brain. First, look at the gif image for 30 seconds, and then look at your hands. You will feel as if you’re swimming. It’s really amazing how easily our brain can be tricked. Illusions like this also teach us about our visual perception and its limitations.

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