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Ten brilliant interactive websites for learning about the world

In such a cold winter, it's difficult to leave the house to go to work, and it's even harder to get out of bed. The blanket is so warm, and the pillow is so soft. The good news is that in our world of modern technology, you don't have to leave your home to learn something new, useful or fun. There are so many educational websites that can help you plunge into the world of knowledge!

For example, we at Bright Side have already learned how to paint with sand — it's easier than you think!

This is an outright gift for those who love learning foreign languages or traveling! With this interactive map, you can easily get to know how words sounds in any language. Just enter your word in the text field and look at how it's connected with analogues from other languages. Try it — this is easy, fun, and mostly cognitive!

If you've ever wanted to try painting with sand, you should visit this website. With colored sand, you can create simple drawings or real masterpieces. To start, press the right mouse button and just drive the cursor on the screen to pour the sand. When you finish painting, you can save the picture on your computer, then print it out, and hang it on the wall. Now, you are an artist!

If you know nothing about farming, this website will give you all the necessary information on how to breed hens, grow crops, and so on. The game starts with a historical fact: every third Canadian lived on a farm in 1931, but now every 46th Canadian does. You can choose a character and type of farm and plunge yourself into the world of potato cultivating, building fences, using fertilizers, laws of agriculture, and many other things that people from the city never do.

You can become Henry V at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, play Peer Gynt at Carnegie Hall, dance on the Grand Opera's stage or play Lohengrin in Wagner's opera. Just select the genre and place, and you'll move to one of the world's biggest stages and have a chance to see everything that's happening there.

You can virtually go to the supermarket and read how your favorite foods are being made, or you can go to a rainforest to learn the history of sugar extraction. You can also sail to far-away lands to find out how seafood and spices come to our table. But be careful  — this website causes a ravenous appetite!

Do you want to go to space without getting up from your chair? This is a real atlas which was made with the Hubble telescope to allow you to explore our universe. You will be able to see every (or almost every) star at close quarters. Isn't it really cool?!

This website will make you passionate about art even if you are really not familiar with it. The famous Claude Monet's paintings come to life, become 3D, and allow you to "intervene" in events on the image. Just move the mouse cursor, clap your hands or blow into the microphone, and you will see something magical happens. Pressing the keyboard keys, you can ring the bell of the painted cathedral; waving your hands, you can disperse the painted fog; moving the cursor, you can leave ripples on the water. There is only one problem — you may completely lose track of the time you've spent playing.

Here you can take an interactive tour from a coffee bean to your cup of coffee through the beautiful animations and different interesting facts about this popular drink. Don't forget to try out your newly learned knowledge by drinking a real cup of your favorite coffee!

Due to information technology, you can visit the science museum without leaving your house. In this virtual museum, there are a lot of old measuring instruments, different antique devices, and so on. Each room is accompanied with a description in English or Italian.

Here you can find out how many astronauts are in space at this moment and read biographical information about each of them. Sounds interesting!

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