Ten British TV shows which you should definitely watch

Everyone has their favourite TV show that has emerged from a British studio in the past few years, whether it's Sherlock, Doctor Who or Downton Abbey. But there are plenty of others, not so well known, which deserve just as much attention.

We put together a list of ten of the best.


2010 - 2015

Centred on a hard-nosed detective with his own unique way of solving crimes, Luther is a serious, sometimes dark but always intelligent show unlike any other in the genre.

Life Story


This visually stunning show from David Attenborough enthrals you with the journey it takes you on round the planet. This accomplished presenter shows us how every living thing on Earth strives not only to survive, but leave behind descendants, as well as the difficulties they encounter along the way.


2013 - present

The body of an eleven-year-old boy is found on a beach. Two detectives are called in to investigate. They have a number of suspects, who we're constantly watching for any hint that it was them. This is compulsory viewing for anyone who loves murder mysteries and psychological drama.


2003 - present

The fascinating blend of comedy and intellect in this show has proved immensely popular over its past 12 seasons thanks to the magnificent sense of humour of both its guests and presenter. A must for anyone who wants to laugh and learn at the same time.

Peaky Blinders

2013 - present

This is another little gem of a show. It depicts the story of the Shelby family, which tries to get ahead of the rest by any means possible in the gloomy, almost apocalyptic city of Birmingham at the turn of the twentieth century. Each season is made up of six episodes, but the excitement never lets up for a single minute.

The Hour

2011 - 2012

Broadcasting the news is difficult. But doing so in an honest and objective way is even more difficult. In this series, the BBC explores its own early history. What it reveals about what went on behind the scenes makes for a compelling drama.

The IT Crowd

2006 - 2013

In this show, that unique British sense of humour is applied to the world of IT specialists. Recommended for everyone who's ever encountered condescension from a computer technician.

Edwardian Farm


A great documentary in which a group of historians recreate daily life on a British farm at the turn of the twentieth century.

Black Books

2000 - 2004

A hilarious British sitcom about the peculiar owner of a book shop. Rude, cynical, completely incapable of managing his finances and utterly disinterested in the world around him, he nevertheless manages to keep his shop running - and even lives in it.

Call the Midwife

2012 - present

A light-hearted show about the lives of midwives and their patients. Their days are filled with tragic, dramatic, but also comic moments.

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