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Ten great movies that will help you understand your kids

Movies about children always arouse our most tender feelings: the desire to be caring, understanding, and truly kind. That's because they help us understand the thoughts and feelings of our kids.

And this is why Bright Side decided to introduce you to the following movies - for all those who are interested in learning more about how to raise children.

Inside Out

Riley is a normal 11-year-old schoolgirl, and, like any normal person, she is ruled by five basic emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. These feelings live together happily enough, until the girl and her parents move to another town, and she has to adjust to a new school, which brings complete disorder into Riley's head. To make her happy again, the emotions have to learn to work together. This cartoon shows just how much our mood influences our behavior. It helps us to understand how kids think and feel by looking at them from inside.

Moonrise Kingdom

A couple of teenagers fall in love and run away from their adult guardians. Sam, who is a boy scout and an orphan, has a difficult personality. His foster parents don't understand him, and neither do other boy scouts. Suzy, his girlfriend, is a reserved 12-year-old. The kids behave quite oddly, but it becomes clear further on that both of them only seek a place to be happy. This is a very original family movie - you will definitely get a lot of positive feelings after watching it.

August Rush

Evan Taylor lives in an orphanage, and he has a unique ability to hear music everywhere he goes. His parents are musicians, but they don't know their son is alive. Evan runs away from the orphanage and goes to New York, where he believes he will find his mom and dad. Meanwhile, the boy's mother finds out that her son wasn't a stillborn, but is somewhere in the Big Apple, looking for her, and she also sets out to search for him. This is a very moving picture, and the soundtrack is just magnificent - you'll never regret watching it!

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is an orphan who grew up at a parish workhouse, but couldn't stand the torments of his supervisors. He fled to London, where he met a gang of underage pickpockets. The boy fails at his very first theft, but Mr. Brownlow, the gentleman who caught him, decides not to put Oliver in prison, but take him home instead. A great adaptation of the undying classic.


Junior, a quick-witted and mischievous little boy, moves from the city to the village, and he hasn't yet found any friends there. One day, while playing in a heap of old tree branches, he finds an interesting twig that becomes Twigson, his new imaginary pal. Junior and Twigson spend time together and have fun while the boy's parents work. But can a friend out of your imagination really replace mom and dad?

The Book Thief

This story is about nine-year-old Liesel, who moves to Munich just before WWII and lives there with her foster parents. They teach her how to read, and books become an indispensable part of her life. So, she begins to steal them. Reading is the only way for her to understand what's going on around her - the persecution of Jews, the anti-fascist movement, the humiliation, and the hunger. With the help of books, Liesel overcomes all the deprivations of war and writes a story of her own.

The Chorus

This picture is about children with complex personalities and lives full of hardships. Clement Mathieu is a new teacher at the "Bottom of the Pond" boarding institution for "difficult" boys. Unlike other teachers, he doesn't hide behind the mask of indifference, but tries to better understand the poor kids, and institutes a choir section within the boarding house. This action eventually changes the life of one of the boys - it helps him discover his very own unique talent. The movie vividly demonstrates that an open heart can reach to the souls of even the most forlorn children.

Tom Sawyer

This is just one of many adaptations of a children's story about two little troublemakers, Tom and Huck. Their usual day consists of stealing apples, practical jokes on adults, fishing, and playing pirates. However, one time the boys find themselves carried away to a cemetery, where they become witnesses to a mysterious crime that starts off their incredible adventures. The movie is recommended for family viewing.

Richard Linklater, the director of this picture, filmed this over 12 years, starting in 2002 and showing the spectators the life of one family throughout the years. The main character here is young Mason, who was six at the beginning of the story. The boy watches as everything around him changes - his parents, his life, himself. This leads him to more and more profound conclusions of the surrounding reality. It's a very sincere and true-to-life movie.

Dead Poets Society

Seven young men enter Welton Academy, an elite American prep boarding school. On the very first day of their studies, they meet John Keating (Robin Williams) - a new teacher, whose methods are far from orthodox and even farther from those adopted by the Academy. The teacher shows his students the beauty of poetry and encourages them to make their lives extraordinary. This is a story of hopes and expectations, and of the importance of people who teach us wise things. 

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