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Ten superb gift packaging ideas your children will love to help you make


It's not always easy to explain to children that it's more fun to give presents than to receive them. But if, let’s say, you turn the wrapping-up process into something creative, your kids may show greater interest.

Bright Side has put together a collection of the most unusual and creative gift-wrapping ideas that are easy enough for anyone to try. We're sure that every single one of them will delight both adults and kids.

Joyous, colourful threads

You can use multicoloured wool instead of sticky tape to seal a present. The gift will look so much more elegant and cheerful!

A cat and a dog

Cute packages in the forms of a cat or a dog will suit small and simple gifts quite nicely. Use the instructions below to help you make them:

A pencil

Some cardboard, glue, a pair of scissors and soft-tip pens are all you need to make this attractive and original pencil design.

Creative locks

Use can use these different kinds of ''locks'' to decorate even the simplest box. Templates for them can be found here.

A cute little ladybird

This one's really attractive!

Twisted strips of paper

Using different coloured strips of paper in an interlacing pattern will add a bit of flair to any package. They also look great against a background made from newspapers.

A spiroid box

If you spin the sheets of paper into a spiral and glue them together, you’ll get an unusual but gorgeous-looking box which you can put plenty of nice things in.

An embroidered design

Embroidering different patterns and drawings onto your package will endow it with warmth.

A reindeer made from a towel

Tie up the edges of a small towel with a ribbon, and you can easily make a cute reindeer. It’s a great idea for hiding a little treasure in for a child.

Miniature ornaments

To make your gift's appearance more stylish, attach different figurines to the package with the help of a ribbon or a clothes peg.

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