Ten truly astonishing night sky photographs guaranteed to fill you with wonder

Looking up at the sky, there’s only one thing you can really say: ’’I don’t know where all this came from.’’ There’s no point making things up — really, none of us have any idea how we got here, and why everything we see up there is so incredible.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel a thrilling sense of wonder at the majesty of the universe. Just in case the sky tonight is cloudy, Bright Side put together this collection of the ten most awe-inspiring images of the night sky.

''Stars will always shine And you will never be alone.'' (''You Will Never Be Alone'' by Grace Phipps).

’’What a spectacle. Millions and millions of stars. Funny thing, the universe. Sort of scares the crap out of you, doesn’t it?’’

(’’And When Did You Last See Your Father?’’).

''Among the worlds, in glimmerings of stars, That single Star is ever my attraction.''

(Innokenty Annensky).

''The stars are the street lights of eternity.'' (Rosicrucian proverb)

''Someday, people will reach the stars. Those stars I do not envy.'' (Yuriy Tatarkin).

''Look up at the stars, and you're gone.'' (Chuck Palahniuk)

’’I looked up again and suddenly realised that the last time I saw the starry sky was God knows when, while all the time the sky was right above my head — I simply needed to raise it.’’ (Victor Pelevin).

''In contemplation of starry skies, I found more peace than in human wisdom.'' (Felix Yusupov).

’’The night is alive with stars, and when I lie down and look up, I get lost up there. I feel like I’m falling, but upward, into the abyss of sky above me.’’ (Markus Zusak).

''It's weird: if you look at the stars long enough, you'll get this special feeling…''

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