Ten wonderful animals that can teach us how to love and be faithful

We tend to consider humans as the purest examples of faith and devotion in loving relationships, but in fact, there are romantic and monogamous animals that stay true to their loves for a lifetime and literally keep the marriage vow of "to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death."

We here at Bright Side admire animals that mate for life and can't wait to share their life principles with you.


These birds manage to have big hearts living in the extreme cold of Antarctica. They pair off for many years. Both the male and female take turns incubating the egg and feeding their baby.

White swans

Swans are faithful throughout their lives. Their family lives have many great qualities, including friendship, caring-for-others and compassion.


Perhaps Americans selected the eagle as the emblem of their nation because of their loyal nature. 


These animals not only form extremely strong bonds, but they also manage to have equal rights in their relationships.


Albatrosses seemingly know the secret to keeping the love strong — the male's long-term "business trips" and the female's goofy but affectionate ritual dances.


Male wolves are extremely caring and gentle with their female partners. Only death is able to separate them.


Beavers organize female-headed families. So the secret of their long and happy relationship lies in the infinite wisdom of the female partner.


Pairs of turtle doves are featured regularly in art and literature, and there's a reason why these birds have become a symbol of love and devotion. In fact, Shakespeare's famous poem, "The Phoenix and the Turtle," was inspired by them.


The male screech-owl usually courts a female for almost a year. Then he builds the nest and invites the female to share a new home. If she likes it and the couple has offspring, the male takes the lead role in caring for the entire family.


If the female fox dies, the male won't look for another partner and will remain single for the rest of his life.

Preview photo credit IVAN KISLOV
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