The Mexican Illustrator Who Shows How Fantastic Living Alone Can Be

Idalia Kandelas, a Mexican illustrator, creates pictures that depict women who live alone and know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. With her drawings, Idalia aims to show that there's a difference between ''being alone'' and ''living alone.'' We often feel sorry for people who live by themselves, but who said that they are lonely or unhappy?

We here at Bright Side invite you to check out Idalia's works and ideas.

You can spend the whole day dressed in your favorite underwear - clothing is optional.

Read in any position you want. No judgments for that.

Hang out in bed all the morning, and stretch sweetly for as long as you like.

Change your clothes wherever you like.

Go to the bathroom without shutting the door, and walk around naked.

Use the quiet to think about something important.

Your bed, your rules.

Drink coffee, and enjoy peace and quiet. No one will disturb you.

Based on materials from facebook, instagram, Preview illustration credit:, facebook
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