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The nine best make-up ideas for a perfectly natural look


Should I apply eye shadow? Which lipstick should I use: classic red or nude pink? Heavy make-up is not appropriate for work, but is it enough to just apply mascara? These are the questions that women ask themselves every single day while brushing up before stepping out into the world. We here at Bright Side decided to tell you how to use make-up to help you get that perfectly natural look.

The perfect skin tone

To even out your skin tone, use foundation, powder, and concealer. Just remember one rule: don’t apply a darker foundation to make yourself look tan. Also, be sure to choose a concealer that's no more than one shade lighter than your foundation tone.

Thick eyebrows

Make your eyebrows look more defined by filling them in using eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, or mascara. Do not forget that your eyebrow color should reflect your hair color; blondes should go with light brown eyebrows, while brunettes are welcome to use rich dark hues.

Focus on the eyes

Enhance your eyes with light brown eyeliner, or apply a bit of brown eyeshadow just at the roots of the lashes. Then, blend the lines using a brush. Apply a light neutral shadow on the eyelids, and use a brown or black mascara to enhance your eyelashes.

Delicate blush

Beige-pink blushes are generally regarded as the most natural-looking of blushes. A large soft bristle works best for applying a blush. It can also be used to put the blush on the side of your neck. Just remember: you should apply blush to the areas that stand out when you smile.

Bright lips

Even if are going for a natural look, don’t forget about your lips. Choose warm shades of lipstick or lip gloss, and apply it with your fingers to make your make-up look more natural.

Perfect make-up for brunettes

Girls with dark hair can use black eyeliner to make a natural-looking make-up. Semi-transparent cherry shade lipstick will look great on your lips.

Natural-looking make-up for blondes

Girls with light hair can wear subtle make-up shades, such as soft pink or peach. For lips, choose a pink glitter lipstick.

Natural make-up for redheads

Red-haired girls should avoid bright blues and purples and give preference to golden and pastel tones. To finish off your natural make-up look, use a warm-toned lipstick and a blush of the same hue.

Perfect 'nude' make-up

The golden rule of make-up is that the main emphasis should be either the lips or the eyes. With natural make-up, you can emphasize both your eyes and lips and look great.

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