The seven joys of being a father to a son

The seven joys of being a father to a son

I am a father to a young boy (I'm 28, and he's seven). I would like to share with Bright Side the seven joys of this wonderful experience.

1. Conversations with the baby bump

Everything starts when their mom is about three months pregnant; that's when the baby begins to kick and move inside the mom's belly. Every prospective dad wants to talk to the baby when this starts happening. Any story you tell the baby bump is likely to put mom to sleep, which is great, because now you can imagine yourself as a philosopher in professorial robes and a superman all-in-one. Tell your son how strong, skillful, brave and smart he is going to be. You can even imagine your son as the captain of a spacecraft with a hundred cannons that aim at the meteorites and intergalactic invaders. This cute chatter will put you to bed, too.

2. A man in diapers

New dads have a chance to celebrate their newborn with their friends for a week while the mother is patiently waiting for the baby to arrive at the hospital. You'll be waiting for the baby by your partner's side if not on the 2nd, then on the 3rd day. You'll have to bring her whatever she craves, or whatever the doctor says she needs to have.

Imagine you're standing in a hospital hallway as a bunch of babies cry. Well, it's more of squeaking rather than crying. Be sure that you won't hear your son's voice in that loud orchestra. You assume he's quiet at the moment, because a real man doesn't cry. Even on the first day of life. Harsh, gloomy, restrained. Maybe, his beard has already begun to grow. Anyways, I'm sure all babies scream...all babies except for my son, of course. 

3. Toys for two

Of course, you don't want to play with rubber ducks and rattles, but you would be down with playing just a little bit with that genuinely cool toy your boy receives as a gift and doesn't really like. A model railway, for example. There's always that young friend who'll be happy to give you a bike while your little boy is still wearing diapers. You will appreciate this type of gift, because it means that you get to play with it first! To be honest, half of your son's toys will interest you more than your child. You will like them, especially if you bought them yourself.

4. Walks together

You'll answer a thousand questions which may or may not have an explanation and experience moments of absolute bliss and harmony. On top of everything, you'll feel that the two of you are the same age...that is, you're as old as your son. Don't flatter yourself. You don't know the answers to all his questions, and you probably won't be able to explain why the sky is blue to a kid. You'll try to, and that's good enough.

There'll probably be a park where you like spending time together. You'll also like ice cream, and french fries to-go are so much better than the potatoes you eat at home. Also, you can rent a tandem bicycle and go crazy on the path through the park, dying of laughter. I'm not sure which one of you will enjoy the walks more. 

5. Seeing movies together

What could be better than going to the movies together? I wouldn't go to see animated movies myself, but I don't mind watching them at all. Going to the movies with my son is a whole different story. Plus, you can laugh, talk, and spill popcorn, because you are laughing too hard at, let's say, the minions. Movies are one hundred times better if you watch them with your son. Don't forget to clean up after yourself! 

Don't forget about thrillers, fantasy, and cool action movies too. You'll catch yourself advertising all the new movies to your son. 

You'll switch roles at some point. He will begin to remind you about the new X-men or Avengers movies. Your son will know much more about the world of comics and will shame you by giving you detailed insights. So, remember to memorise the phrase ''Two big bags of popcorn, please. The chocolate ones, or the caramel ones.'' We'll tell mom that we already ate. 

6. Dad, I'll do it myself!

These are the first signs of growing up. This will happen faster than your realization of becoming a father. One day, your son will tell you that he will take a bath on his own. You will have to wash him all-over-again, which will make you extremely happy. Of course, it will! He must be a grown up by now. He will come out of the bathroom happy and serious, with the towel around his waist, just like his dad; although, his face and neck will remain dirty. Well, he is independent now.

Don't be afraid of the apocalypse in your kitchen when your son tries to cook breakfast. Even if he is making cereal, his algorithm can be more complicated. The day will come when he gets in a fight for the first time, and no matter what the outcome is, you will feel like a Mike Tyson's father. Even if your Mike is crying right now. 

7. Just because...

It's so cool to be a dad. I could describe it in a more poetic way, but words do not really do justice to what it means to be a father. You teach and learn. You protect. You're happy, because you're making somebody else happy. You support. You encourage. You witness. You share the latest news, like true best friends. You're responsible. You grow and raise them. You love their mother twice as much

Call your child, even if they're grown up and live far away. Hug your child. Fix their bed and kiss their cheek if they're about to sleep. Be sure that being a parent will make you happier than words can ever describe. 

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