The ten most fascinating documentaries which will change your perspective on life

Documentaries do not bring large fortunes to those who make them. They are neither watched for their extravagant special effects nor for any stunning acting performances. They are, however, loved and valued for their ability to grab your attention with their vividness, relevance and truthfulness.

We at BRIGHTSIDE prepared a list of ten such documentaries which we think have the power to change your perspective on the world once and for all. 

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Haven't watched docs for a while? Can't remember the last time you though about art? Don't 'get' modern art? Constantly wondering who on earth can be interested in it? Banksy will be your guide. 


The movie depicts how amazingly beautiful our planet is. It shows the awful devastation caused by human activities. The Earth is suffering from the wounds inflicted on it by industrial production, wars and ecological disasters. 'Home' is a depiction of how Earth's problems are all interlinked. It tells us the ugly truth about the real situation on our world. That might just be the reason why the movie was banned in 36 countries. 

Fed Up

It's time to get real about food. What we eat today is absolutely different from what our ancestors used to eat. You will see the unpleasant truth about obesity, bad health and the reason why the previous generation lived a longer life. 'Fed Up' will change your attitude to food forever.   


'Zeitgeist' is not just another doc with an extraordinary story to tell. It is a new kind of revolutionary movie, which might not change you perception of the world, but it certainly will make you wonder. The film brings up the issue of mass control imposed by religion, politics, mass media and finance. In other words, it tells the most inconvenient truth. 

Are We Alone: NASA's Unexplained Files

This documentary incorporates unique photos and snapshots from NASA's very own archives. They will answer, or at least bring us a bit closer to that eternal question of whether or not we are alone in the universe.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

This journey brings us back to the very origins of life to take a look at the fundamental pillars of the universe, giving us the opportunity to look far beyond the clouds of cosmic dust to see where new stars are born. These enormous objects bring light to the universe and perhaps give it a new life...  

¡Vivan las Antipodas! 

Once upon a time... The award-winning documentary film-maker Victor Kossakovsky visited Argentina. He stood in the middle of a bridge over a river and thought: 'What would be the shortest route between Entre Rios in Argentina and the Chinese metropolis Shanghai?' The answer is simple: a straight stretched line through the center of the earth, since the two places are antipodes - they are located at exact opposite points on the earth's surface. What is happening there, on the other side? What awaits us on that point of the planet? The idea is that antipodes seem mythically connected, being united by their opposition.

CM101MMXI Fundamentals

An unforgettable performance from a Turkish stand-up comedian Cem Yilmaz. He talks about the funny little details of everyday life, the simple things that make people laugh. Yilmaz captures the audience with his hilarious stories about relationships, people's struggle with technology and professional life. He shows that both a delivery of food and a funeral can be equally amusing when looked at from a different perspective. His positive attitude will simply make your day!

The Human Experiment

Thousands of people, thousands of scientists and only one aim. Emotion, words and perception. How much can a single word affect a person subconsciously? What part does a single thought play in our life? Does a word have its own specific energy? 'The Human Experiment' is meant to help us gain a new understanding of ourselves.

Life In A Day

One day, 192 nations, and the following three questions: “What do you love? What do you fear?” and “What’s in your pocket?” These were the ingredients for the first crowd-sourced documentary ever made. Thousands of people from all over the world recorded their lives. They opened up their hearts, revealed their dreams and opened their pockets for the whole world to see. And this whole world is us. You will be surprised to learn just how how similar we all are.

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