This architect came up with a new idea for a hotel in the Alps...and it’s superb

Architect Armin Senoner has worked out an unbelievable idea for a new Alpine hotel. Built into a gorge 2,000 above sea level, the hotel would be divided into three sections depending on the class of service a guest opts for. As you can probably guess, the top floors are for the luxury rooms and the lowest for the cheapest. Senoner’s plan also envisages a shopping centre, theatres, a music hall, cinema and gym being included in the design. It also includes an upper terrace which would allow guests to see the stunning views across the mountains. Weather conditions in the Alps can often be difficult to grapple with, but the building has been designed to function in both winter and summer.

Let’s all hope this project eventually becomes reality — it really is an incredible idea!

A standard-class room.

Business class.

Deluxe class.

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