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This woman thanked her father by giving him what he’d always dreamed of


Photographer Iwona Pinkowicz was born in a small village in Poland. Her father had to work a lot just to feed his family, and therefore never left his native country even once for the duration of his adult life. But he always cherished a dream of one day going travelling. Iwona found a way to thank her father for his hard work and simultaneously dedicated one of her projects to him.

This was an unusual subject for a photography project: decided Iwona decided to give her dad his very first holiday.

Her passion for travelling and desire to discover new places and cultures definitely came from her dad. He had always wanted to visit other countries.

'Thanks to all his hard work, I've been able to travel a lot', she said.

'I decided it was time to treat my dad to a trip of a lifetime.'

'He has worked extremely hard throughout his life, sometimes holding down two jobs at the same time through rough times, to provide for our family.'

'At the start of the year, my fiancé and I booked flights to Singapore and, later that week, told my dad that he had a ticket too!'

'I knew straight away that I wanted to work on a small project while we were out there.'

'He was more than happy to join in.'

'My father waited with great anticipation for our trip to begin.'

'It was an amazing feeling watching my dad seeing and doing things for the first time.'

'I photographed him doing simple things that many of us take for granted like relaxing by the swimming pool...'

'...and walking along a sandy beach and watching the sun setting into the sea. These were all brand new experiences for him.'

'I hope this project will inspire others to do things for their family.'

'If you are in a position to do so, you should take the time and make the effort to treat your closest friends and family. It truly is one of the best feelings in the world!'


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