What your favourite colour of clothes says about you

Look in your wardrobe, and you'll probably notice that there's one colour which appears more often than others. There's a simple but important reason for this: your favourite colour is a reflection of your innermost thoughts and personality. Of course, such transitory things as age, mood, season, weather your health, and even current fashion trends can have an affect on our choice of clothes. Nevertheless, nearly everyone still gravitates towards a certain colour because of specific characteristics of their personality.

Taking our cues from the research of psychologist Max Lyusher, we tried to find out what each colour says about who we are.


Red is an arousing colour, having an effect on the brain which helps to increase blood pressure and quicken the pulse and breathing. A love of red indicates that you're a purposeful, even aggressive person. You're accustomed to moving forward without fear of the obstacles in your way, and prepared to try even the strangest new things. You're always aiming to achieve exactly what you dream of, and it's difficult to stand in your way. You're passionate, strong-willed, and quick-tempered. Those who are agitated by the colour red are often loyal and well-rounded, but struggle with feelings of their own inferiority.

Dark blue

You are a person who rarely smiles. It can take many years for people to earn your trust. At the same time, you're a very calm person who others naturally begin to trust, since seeing dark blue has the effect of reducing blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. The chances are that you're a well-rounded and harmonious person who isn't greatly affected by stress. You are confident of your own abilities and can work well with others.


A preference for white is an indication of a person who feels a sense of absolute freedom, believing their are no barriers to achieving their goals and that the world is full of possibilities. White doesn't put anyone off, but it also reveals little - beyond this basic characteristic of optimism, it can be attractive for a whole variety of people.


Violet is a mix of red and blue. Therefore, the person who gravitates towards this colour is by nature characterised by a mixture of passion and calm reasoning, emotion and moderation. It embodies a person's varied, unpredictable personality. If you love violet, the chances are you're also always looking for interesting and complex interactions with others. You look for people who captivate you just as much as you exhibit a captivating charm.


Pink is of course a soft, tender colour; it creates a feeling of kindness, homeliness, sentimentality. Pink is a mixture of red and white - that is, a person who prefers it embodies feelings of freedom and calm which can reduce the strength of their passions. A lover of pink cannot abide by cruelty or violence in any of its forms. You value comfort and kindness above all in your life. You are in constant need of a person who makes you feel calm.


For the person who loves green, an aura of mystery is the key to your charm. For most people you are an enigma. A love of green is often also an indication of a person's sense of superiority, authority and strength. You want to be liked, you seek recognition, and you fear and try to avoid the influence of others. You constantly search for self-affirmation.


You are a calm, welcoming person who loves life, and you have a great sense of humour. Yellow is the colour of relaxation; a preference for it indicates that a person is searching for freedom and uninhibited happiness, as well as relationships which give them these things. They see this as the only way to realise what they truly want in life. A person who totally rejects yellow as a colour is often one who has a sense of emptiness inside, feels isolated and often extremely irritated.

Light blue

Light blue is an indication that you're a carefree and cheerful person, for it is the colour which embodies these qualities. Such a person makes no serious demands of others and expects to take none on in return. You are not the kind of person who irritates those around you, finding your place in virtually any group of friends.


Love of brown is often an indication that you're accustomed to doing things in a way which make perfect sense to you and which seem thoroughly reasonable and rational. You try to avoid rushing into things, and you have a penchant for physical exercise and peace and quiet. You are appreciated by those who look for a sense of stability and tradition in others. Those who are repelled by the colour brown are often searching for their sense of true individuality.


Grey is often chosen by those who fear standing out or drawing attention to themselves, or alternatively who want to remain inconspicuous in order to achieve a certain goal. Grey is the most neutral colour, neither bright, dark or light. It can serve as the ideal background for other colours - and for various kinds of psychological manipulation.


Black is the colour of total completion, finality and maturity. It expresses the idea of 'nothingness'. It's also the colour of luxury and elegance. In black, everyone looks magnificent. But a preference for it is often an indication that you have no small amount of secrets, which you're in no hurry to share with others - even those close to you. Often, someone with a preference for black is of a mindset which tries to rebel against their own attitudes and fate.

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