13 Celebrity Fashion Fails From 2018 That We Can’t Forget

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4 years ago

Every famous person has a group of experts who create their look. But sometimes celebs’ appearances cause millions of questions like, “Who makes them wear such awkward clothes?” or “Did they get into an argument with their stylist?” Today, we’ll show you celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Salma Hayek, Amber Heard, and some other famous people who made it onto the Fashion Police list. By the way, at the end of the article, you’ll learn about a family that loves strange outfits and has an incredible ability to make them popular.

Bright Side is puzzled by these weird clothes and wants to learn why celebs decide to put them on. Welcome to the world of crazy design!

Kate Beckinsale

2 fails in 1 week! The first one was shown at TIFF 2018 — this look featured a small black dress with a long sleeve. The second outfit was demonstrated during GQ Men of the Year Awards and consisted of a bright, revealing dress that resembled a swimsuit more than anything else.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s stylists can’t decide between 2 absolutely different looks: one day, she looks like Barbie and the next day, she’s wearing a suit and a weird blouse. But awkward clothes can’t hide Nicole’s talent and she won a Golden Globe Award wearing a bright pink dress.

Ryan Gosling

There’s only one thing that can explain Ryan’s strange appearance at TIFF 2018: his luggage must have been stolen! But Ryan’s charisma will never let strange clothes spoil his look.

Irina Shayk

As a rule, the model overshadows everyone on the red carpet, so it’s rather difficult to explain why Irina’s stylist decided to choose these 2 dresses that hide all her greatest features.

Julianne Moore

Julianne's stylists made mistakes twice in 2018: they hid the actress behind shapeless silhouettes and didn't even try to highlight her body's best attributes.

Salma Hayek

Salma is a really bright woman and she doesn’t need any extra accessories. Thanks to the outfits depicted in the photos, the actress has been accused of having bad taste. However, she prefers to wear casual clothing in her everyday life.

Amber Heard

It looks as if someone has tried to make fun of this woman on purpose. First, these dresses don’t suit her. Second, her makeup artists “did their best” to create a certain look on the right. Amber looks exhausted and tearful thanks to the rhinestones under her eyes.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a role model for many people. But even she has bad looks sometimes! The blazer in the first picture is really unkempt and the one in the second photo is too neat.

Chloë Moretz

Even the most loyal fans can’t acquit these outfits! Both of her looks appear strange and make the actress look 10 years older.

Bella Hadid

Bella is a really confident person but there should be limits! Her beige suit makes us think that her stylists have forgotten to put a skirt on the model. The second outfit looks like a mix of the most popular trends of the ’00s and a straitjacket.

Christina Aguilera

The singer has always liked to experiment but sometimes her imagination runs too wild. We have to admit that her dress with lots of feathers looks less strange than her other outfit that consists of a velvet skirt, a big coat, a shirt, a black bra, and big ’90s-style shoes.

Robert Pattinson

This actor is usually accused of looking unkempt. But what if his stylists just love using crumpled fabrics and like to combine patterns that don’t match?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Not so many people paid any attention to Kanye’s suit since everyone couldn’t help staring at his small-fitting sandals. The most surprising thing is that these flip flops became extremely popular — the design has completely sold out on the website.

His spouse Kim Kardashian chose a strange cruise outfit: a neon-colored overall by Chanel. We can’t understand why she didn’t just opt for a regular swimsuit that looks similar.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Share some other weird celeb looks with us!


the pic with kimk she looks like an grand parent trying to figure out how to use an tuch screen phone(not hateing on her )
Christine Aguilera’s look a little awkward... and the pics of Nicole Kidman looks oddly photoshopped.
I just feel like--why the hell are people being so negative about these outfits? I dont follow celebrity culture because (among other things) its depressing how every single move they make is so scrutinized. I wouldn't feel good if people made these types of posts about my outfits, seems mundane and immature.
Most of these look fine. There are a few weird ones though, but I definitely disagree with the first, Blake Lively, most of the men, and Nicole Kidman. I agree with Kim Kardashian and the bike shorts look thing, but it's popular for many body types. I'm 31 and remember bike shorts being normal and not high fashion. I don't have a reason to wear them now, or fuzzy/beaded loafers, "dad shoes" (especially with pretty flowy dresses.. come on! Sandals, flats, wedges, heels but not chunky shoes my dad actually has worn the past 30 years.) I prefer pieces that never go out of style, or pretty/cool things from 40s-70s. Bell sleeves, pretty florals, boot cut jeans, pretty courdoroy, pretty vintage brooches with a flattering vintage dress, lace, blouses with feminine details, sundresses, geek t-shirts (ok they aren't in style but I love balancing my super girly wardrobe with things that show my geeky brain) I'm introverted so I don't blurt out my inner interests (out loud) but clothes I pay attention to, as they tell a lot about a person. Generally I don't think someone is unkempt but look at other details. Also, I don't apply this to Hollywood. They either feel like standing out, being comfortable, like a color or pattern. Although girls like Billie Ellish (sp?) actually dress to make a "listen to my thoughts not my body" that is interesting. Sure, her clothes don't necessarily need to be so big on her, but someone not wanting to be objectified and having that really important to her is nice.

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