17 Pics That Made Us Wonder ’’Is This for Real?’’

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Life all around us is filled with wonders that never cease to amaze us. Whether it’s people born with fascinating features, curiosities found in nature, or man-made inventions that are equally creative and strange, these unique sights are what give life its flavor and color. Without them, our everyday existence would be really repetitive and much less exciting.

1. No nose bridge

2. ’’I got one thumb from each parent.’’

3. ’’How my sister’s dog sleeps.’’

4. Acting as a wheelchair

5. ’’I found a door on an abandoned beach.’’

6. ’’This man is wearing shoe protectors over his work shoes on the metro.’’

7. ’’How my vitiligo changes from the winter to the summer’’

8. ’’This bird is wearing a bread necklace.’’

9. ’’The way my cup broke.’’

10. ’’I found a child’s time capsule while digging in my yard.’’

11. ’’I found this glass ball that had become the home of a small marine ecosystem.’’

12. Rosie has fire paws

13. ’’My drain was blocked so i pulled it up and a frog came out.’’

14. ’’My shaving cream gave up this morning.’’

15. ’’This little door I found in the trunk of a tree.’’

16. ’’A random, big ice diamond by the road. My lighter for scale.’’

17. 1/3 grey

Which pic on this list was the most impressive to you? Do you often make one-of-a-kind discoveries similar to these?


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