17 Examples of Eye-Catching Advertising Created by True Professionals

3 years ago

Advertisers understand that they only have a couple of seconds to capture our attention. That’s why they try to invest all their talent, creativity, and skill into every ad campaign. And when everything goes as planned, we get a chance to enjoy real advertising masterpieces.

Our new Bright Side compilation contains these unique ads that were created by people who are true professionals in their field.

1. McDonald’s: “I’m lovin’ it”

2. Tele2: “We empower small businesses”

3. Focus optics store: “Focus on feeling”

4. Continental tires: “Weather forecast: safety”

5. Coca-Cola: “Taste the feeling”

6. iPack: “Smart packing”

7. A campaign to combat ageism:

8. WWF: “Small present for a big cause. Gazelles went extinct in Georgia in the 60s. But thanks to contributions to their recovery program, the 5th generation of these animals has been born.”

9. Sofia International Literary Festival: “The language that gives them a voice. French-speaking literature. Revolution on 5 continents.”

10. Ford: “When you see it, it’s not too late. Ford Ranger 2020 with autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection.”

11. Fabric softener advertisement

12. Low-cost plane tickets, Transavia: “Christmas after Christmas”

13. Chupa Chups: “Happy Valentine’s Day”

14. Advertisement for special nutrition products for animals: “A pregnant cow is more fragile than you think”

15. Farnham: “A bit bitter”

16. Mania: “Summer took us by surprise. Summer sale in February.”

17. McCafé

What creative advertisement have you seen recently?

Preview photo credit adsoftheworld.com


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McDonald's has true marketing geniuses! Every time they launch a new campaign they blow my mind!


I didn't understand the iPack thing in number 6 ?


I'm pretty sure that this women will be a bit more then just bitter


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