23 Design Fails That Meant Well But Something Went Wrong

3 years ago

Designers and artists are creative people and very often they have their own unique views that not everyone understands. That’s probably how these masterpieces, that make us laugh and cry at the same time, came to life. Well, let’s have a look.

Bright Side gathered 23 design “solutions” that will make most of us cringe.

Dishes with ants. Are you still hungry?

How about the width of this shower entrance?

A nice Easter picture to color

The most confusing faucet

Extreme wheelchairing

“Oh, thank you for adding this much needed gripping point.”

A criminal that the Warwickshire police tried to find.

This Sponge Bob will visit me in my nightmares.

An advertising poster that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The circle on this volume control isn’t centered on the line.

Where do I throw away my food?

“My textbook has a video for me to watch.”

Why did they need to photoshop a trashcan?

Stairs to the ceiling

Very strange logo

“Neither drawer can open completely.”

Where is the handle?

What’s the time? 4:30 or 4:33?

No comment here

“The old packaging trick.”

“Big packaging for 4 small pieces.”


Here’s the only parking spot that’s not taken.

And have you ever seen anything like this? Do you have pictures? Share with us!


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Don't mind me, I'm just screaming in horror in the background. Carry on with design fails


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