How Is the Life of “The Most Jealous Woman in the World” and Her Husband (It Involves a Lie Detector)

2 months ago

Debbi Wood was nicknamed by the media as “The Most Jealous Woman in the World”. She and her husband have a peculiar routine. But she has her reasons.

Debbi Wood and her husband, Steve Wood, made the headlines for their one-of-a-kind relationship. Debbi always felt insecure and, for safety, would check Steve’s emails, bank accounts, and his phone. Until things got even worse.

Debbi prohibited Steve from watching women on TV or seeing pictures of them on magazines. She was afraid her husband would leave her. “I don’t want him thinking they’re hot. If you’re in a relationship, and you’re happy with your partner, you should only have eyes for that person,” she said.

To make sure Steve wasn’t disobeying her, Debbi bought a lie detector. She defended herself by saying, “It was my only way of knowing for sure if Steve’s eyes were wandering. In general, he’s quite truthful, but I have caught him lying a few times about looking at other women.”

The truth is everyone experienced jealousy at least once. In fact, studies show that men and women get jealous for different reasons. And the explanation goes way back to our evolutionary road.


She's living in a hêll of her own makings and dragging him down with her. Her paranoia and jealousy would be the end of her relationship long before any other reason. She needs some therapeutic intervention immediately.

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