10 Hilariously Truthful Comic Strips About How Manufacturers See Us

It sometimes seems that most manufacturers have no idea what ordinary people look like and how they live. For example, some tourist buses are obviously made for hobbits. Otherwise, why would they have so little space for legs?

Bright Side got to the root of the problem: manufacturers do see us differently, and here are 10 comic strips to confirm it.

Here's what a person should look like to fit a many-leveled burger into their mouth.

Girls who want to open a screw-top jar should think about pumping their arms.

Duvet covers are a complete mystery: you can only fit them right the first time if you have abnormally long arms.

Women as seen by designers of short-sleeved fur coats.

Even a virtuoso pianist won't be able to type correctly on a smartphone. The fingers need to look like this.

Big phones require big palms, otherwise you'd have to hold them with both hands.

Even a person standing behind has a hard time zipping such a dress. If you try it yourself, you'll need arms like this.

There's a bit of a hobbit in every one of us for tourist bus manufacturers.

Our feet as seen by footwear designers.

These seem to be the people who inspire designers of store clothes.

Illustrated by Astkhik Rakimova for Bright Side
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