11 celebrities and their medieval look-alikes

It turns out that Keanu Reeves isn’t the only immortal time traveler who holds the secret of youth — a striking resemblance has been observed between historical figures of the medieval period and other celebrities too.

Bright Side has collected a number of celebrity look-alike photos to show the uncanny resemblance between today’s famous people and their counterparts from the past.

Keanu Reeves and ‘Portrait of a Man' by Parmigianino

In 2016 and in 1530 

Alan Rickman and ‘Portrait of Count Ludwig von Lowenstein' by Hans Baldung

In 2001 and in 1513 

Ron Perlman and Judas depicted in the painting ‘The Kiss of Judas' by Giotto di Bondone

In 2016 and in 1306 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and ‘Portrait of Lorenzo de’ Medici' by Giorgio Vasari

 In 2013 and in the second half of the 16th century

Tilda Swinton and ‘Portrait of George Gage' by Anthony van Dyck

In 2008 and in 1623 

Kevin Spacey and ‘Portrait of a Man' by Antonello da Messina

In 2010 and in 1475 

Joaquin Phoenix and ‘Portrait of a Man' by Franciabigio

In 2005 and in 1510

Elijah Wood and ‘The Condottiero' by Antonello da Messina

In 2011 and in 1475 

Dakota Fanning and ‘Portrait of Mary Zouch' by Hans Holbein the Younger

In 2012 and in 1538 

Johnny Depp and ‘Medusa' by Caravaggio

In 1999 and in 1596 

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