12 illustrations that show what it’s really like to be a guardian angel

We often do things spontaneously, without thinking about what the consequences might be. Many of us are prepared to live dangerously just so we can really feel alive. Even the most sensible people sometimes have to face unpleasant or even dangerous things, many of which teach us an important lesson.

In view of this, we at Bright Side decided to share with you a set of unusual illustrations that show how our actions might be viewed by our guardian angel. Even if you don’t believe in them, we hope you’ll find something to think about here.

Searching for your other half.

Extreme sports.

Unwise actions.

Looking after a child.

A run of bad luck

Tough times.

Daily life.

Problems and misfortunes.


When something goes wrong.

Moments of danger.

The latest crazy idea.

Illustrated by Natalya Roshchenko exclusively for Bright Side

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