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13 Amusing Situations Every Woman Will Understand

Being a woman is never easy. This is the central theme of Sarah Andersen’s art, in which she depicts startlingly accurate and often very amusing scenes that every woman will recognize from her own life.

We at Bright Side love the work of this talented artist, and we decided to put together a selection of some of her latest work. You won’t be able to look at this without smiling!

When it comes to hiding their tampons...

...girls instantly become illusionists. At work, school, or university, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves with a brightly colored tampon wrapper in our hands when sneaking off to the restroom. In the blink of an eye, we can slip the product from our purse into the sleeve of our jacket, down the front of our skirt, or inside our shoe without even batting an eye.

Based on materials from Facebook Sarah's Scribbles
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